Hey New York City, you like going to stuff, right?

Yeah, so do we. Concerts, Knicks games, Rangers games-- you name it, we're down. You know what the only thing we love more than going to stuff is?

You guessed it. We love saving money when we go-- almost as much as we love actually going to stuff, which, as it happens, is about just as much as we hate overpaying for the events themselves.

That's why you'll be super into this app called Rukkus

It brings tickets from the most popular concerts, sports, and theater events right to your phone, scouring everywhere in the ticket universe to do so.

Rukkus filters out the least expensive ticket prices, so you're done coughing up more than you need to just to check out concerts and sporting events.

You're done dropping your whole paycheck to watch Melo dunk or Taylor Swift hit the high note. With Rukkus, you'll be able to catch all the hottest shows for the most relaxed prices.


There are other perks. You can scope out your view of the event before you buy. The app has an image of each stadium on its interface, and your ticket will pop up with a view of the event from your seat, price, and location.

Let's face it: seating charts are probably the least helpful tools in actually figuring out how close to the action you'll be. 

Another perk still? You can buy tickets on the go, and have them sent right to your phone. Next time your friends hit you up about catching a concert in the middle of the day, you'll be able to snag tickets with a couple taps on your trusty smartphone.

jointherukkus Who's ready for the Blues v. Islanders game? 🖐🏻#letsgo #RukkusPerks #JoinTheRukkus

You'll also have a seamless interface to browse what concerts and sporting events are coming up in NYC. 

Sounds amazing, right? We're all sick of overspending for concerts, and we're definitely sick of finding out we missed our favorite band perform at Madison Square Garden when we check Facebook.

Get Rukkus, and say goodbye to all those tribulations. Find out where and when the hot shows are, and get admission for the most laid-back prices. Get it here.

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