Everything's Coming Up Rosé 😋💗🍷

Tomorrow is National Rosé Day, kicking off the start of the pink wine season. 

Did you know for the pink drink to become the wonder that we all know it to be, the skins of red grapes can only touch the wine for a short time?

Red wines ferment for weeks at a time, but rosé wines are stained red for just a few hours. Any red wine grape can be used to make rosé - who knew?

We grew up thinking it was just a mix of red and white wine

Until the Rosé Wine Mansion comes to NYC, here is a quick roundup of some of our favorite places to sip on Rosé, and its oh-so-coveted cousin, Frozè!

The Frying Pan (207 12th Avenue / Big Red Boat, Manhattan)


For a day of non-sailing, sit on the deck of the docked Frying Pan barge and sip on their berry-packed sangria.

Pro tip: Get there early to grab seats, or be prepared to wait on what can be a very long line.  & Get the fried chicken sandwich and thank us in the morning.

DaDong (3 Bryant Park, Manhattan)


Deemed as being the best of China in NYC, DaDong is equipped with a stunning outdoor terrace with a full seating setup, four thirst-quenching rosés to choose from, as well as a $14 Frosé featuring Rosé wine, Rosé vodka, and strawberry purée.

Loopy Doopy (102 North End Avenue, Manhattan)


The Loopy Doopy Bar at the Conrad Hotel because of its delicious Rosécco.

Choose your base (Rosécco or Prosecco) and then pick your spiked popsicle.

This season’s flavors include Blackberry Sour, Pink Lady Sangria, Strawberry Rose Gin, Pear Ginger Crush, and Blueberry de Cana. At $25 a pop (pun intended), if you’re monetized on social media, the photo will pay for itself in seconds.

Vandal (199 Bowery, Manhattan)


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, the Bananerry Frozé at Vandal is a must-have.

A combination of Stoli vodka, C
ôtes de Provence rosé, avuà Prata caçhaca, Cocchi Americano, and lemons -- try to say that five times fast.

This cocktail is best slung back in the secret garden amongst the hedges with a side of pork bao buns.

Boqueria (Multiple locations, New York)


Mix up your boring summer rosé routine at Boqueria, the lively Spanish tapas bar serving traditional Barcelona-inspired dishes and cocktails.

The Rosé Sangria is just as vibrant as the bustling restaurant, fusing fresh summer flavors with an authentic Spanish kick.

Made with Rosé Wine, Tequila, Cranberry, and Pomegranate Hibiscus-Soaked Strawberries, Boqueria’s Rosé Sangria excitingly elevates the typical glass of rosé. With four locations in NYC, there’s no reason to miss out!

The VNYL (100 3rd Avenue, Manhattan)

Transport yourself back to the 1970s and step inside the plush, multi-level, record-shop-sporting nightclub to quench your thirst with the grapefruit-infused Rosé All Day or the Frozé granita.

Bar Primi (325 Bowery, Manhattan)


Bar Primi first landed on our radar with their year-long offering of the heavily sought after Frosé.

Outdoor seating, delicious Italian fare, and no dress code.

City Vineyard + Rooftop (Pier 26 - 233 West Street, Manhattan)


With a dog-friendly rooftop area, City Vineyard has become our weekend spot to relax, take in the Hudson view, and throw back some ice cold Rosé of Syrah.

A good portion of their wine is on tap and you can also opt for three quartinos of Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot for a sweet $40.

Proceed with caution as this has become a hot spot for boat shoes, vocal fry, and pink shorts. What can I say?

Sotto 13 (40 West 13th Street, Manhattan)


Knock Knock, Who’s There?

Watermelon Frozé...say no more.

Sotto 13 is cozy and romantic during the week, and a bit more sceney during the weekend.
Go for the Watermelon Frozé, and stay for the wood-fired pizza and DIY Prosecco Bar!

Refinery Rooftop (63 W 38th Street, Manhattan)


The Manhattan rooftop with an Empire State Building view is paying homage to the popular wine with their new Rosé All Day menu

Offering the Rooftop Spritz ($16, Wölffer Rosé Cider, gin, thyme, grapefruit, and lemon), Sangria (rosé, vodka and sweet hints of peach, orange blossom, and apple) available by the glass, or by the pitcher, and a signature Frosé. 

The frozen treat is blended with rosé and zesty citrus and is part of the rooftop’s I Give A Sip campaign, which donates all proceeds from this month to the Alzheimer's Association.

Trademark Taste + Grind (38 W 36th Street, Manhattan)


For a refreshing rosé variation, trademark taste, and grind added a Rosé Sangria to their menu.

Combining its house blend rosé with grapefruit, lemon, and citron, this concoction is served with fresh strawberries and lemon slices.

The Sangria is just $10 from 5-7pm every Wednesday-Friday.

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