Because Pictures Last a Lifetime: Rosé Mansion Is Still the Hottest Ticket in Town  🍷 👑 📸

In the adult world, Labor Day weekend is just the drumroll to the grand finale of summer’s end.

As the weeks wind down, New Yorkers scramble to enjoy those last few moments of their favorite season. Becoming a bit more social and even contemplating making treks to the other boroughs, all in pursuit of good times. For those who are a lot less willing to attempt trips anywhere requiring the MTA (seriously, Uber/Lyft code swap anyone?), there's still midtown.

The Big Apple is proud to present its very own personal Garden of Eden complimented with a splash of rosé, Rosé Mansion. Think novelty pop-up museums are just for tourists? Think again. In the Instagram era, novelty museums have assisted in abundance when it comes to the self-inflicted step-your-selfie-game-up pressure for many a millennial. This particular attraction is no exception. Besides is a New York City summer even complete without a splash of rosé?


The Mansion spares no expense on capturing the romance of roses, with varying floral scents carrying you into different themed rooms. Travel the world and let the experience take you from Rome to California. Be a queen for a day after swinging through the secret garden. With all the different themes, you'll almost forget to get your rosé sample! Upon entering the room of grapes, you'll be gifted a souvenir glass to take with you throughout your experience. Don't lose it though! As there is only one per person. Also, good luck with the juggling act, balancing both cup and camera. In each newly themed room, you will receive 1/8 of an ounce of rosé which amounts to two glasses of wine. Appropriate serving standards aside, enjoy some cool wine facts and education while sipping and snapping.

Tip for the ladies, this is one activity where pre-planned posing goes without judgment. Come prepared and know your angles! Some rooms are timed to keep the lines moving. Oh and that photography fail of a girlfriend who always manages to capture your not so cute moments? Leave her at home. This multi-room walkthrough has no time for lowkey haters. For the fellas, think this mansion was made purely for the photo mavens and selfie connoisseurs? It is. However, if you get two tickets for you and your lady love, it might just hold you over 'till the holidays. Plus who doesn't need a break from those bathroom and gym mirror pics?

Oh and that photography fail of a girlfriend who always manages to capture your not so cute moments? Leave her at home. 

Overall, with tickets selling out days in advance, it's best to plan this with your most timeliness of friends. The whole experience lasting about 1-2 hours, not including the downstairs boomerang stations and bar. Just when you thought you reached the end of your tour, the party keeps going at the Grand Tasting Lounge for ticket holder access only. For an additional price enjoy some caviar and cheese while running your toes in the sand sans the beach litter. Honestly, the only thing this experience is missing is a Snapchat filter. #RoseMansion. So come out, swap out city air and subway struggles, forget your camera shyness but not your makeup bag (lipstick smudges, hello?), and have a moment with your girlfriends or lover. After all, pictures really do last a lifetime.