How about a dip in a rainbow pool?

What is it about New Yorkers and their magical obsession with rainbows? The whole city stops when we see the uber rare double-rainbow, and now we cannot stop creating new treats like these rainbow donuts on rainbow donuts ON rainbow donuts.

So, now that we have taken more pictures than we care to admit, and tasted the rainbow countless times. What's next? What else can we slap a rainbow on?

A pool in Roosevelt Island now features a stunning display of colors that will make anyone stop and stare before cannonballing.

The colors are a slight throwback to last years design which was created by artist HOT TEA, where he also made a beautiful rainbow look for the pool.

This year, pool goers can take in the new design, by Andrew Faris, for a small fee.

Manhattan Park Pool Club charges $35 for day passes during the week and $50 during the weekend. You can also get a $700 season pass. Quite a lot of green to see all the colors of the rainbow.

New York City is no stranger to oddly beautiful pools. 


Earlier this year we checked out a pool in Rockefeller Center called Van Gogh's Ear

There was no diving allowed, or swimming for that matter but we had our fun. Now we can't wait to do dive into the rainbow.


via Gothamist

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[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Gothamist]