$8 million West Village loft. $1 monthly rent. And this isn't a shady Craigslist ad? Um, what?!

The founder and CEO of SpareRoom.com, Rupert Hunt, just relocated to New York City, on Bleecker Street just off 7th Avenue South to be specific, and like many transplants, he's looking for roommates.

TBH, who of any one of us wouldn't jump to live in ANY apartment for $1 a month– but this place is definitely not just any apartment.

Each of Rupert's two roommates, whoever he ends up picking, will have a bedroom that fits a queen size bed, a walk-in closet, private bathroom, a desk for work, and access to the rest of the big ass kitchen, dining room, and lounge. 

According to 6Sqft, they also will be sharing a 1,500-square-foot roof terrace with a barbecue area and insane views. "Where the f*ck do I sign up?!" is definitely what you're thinking right now. 

You might be surprised that someone as affluent and successful as Rupert Hunt obviously is would want to not only share a living space, but share his living space for basically nothing, but honestly, he is obviously just the chill-est dude ever.

“Thanks to the success of SpareRoom I’m in the fortunate position of not needing to share for financial reasons,” Hunt says. “I share because I love it and I believe that living with the right people beats living on your own any day.”

He also says he personally understands how it feels to have financial hurdles standing in the way of pursuing your dreams in a new city (NYC should adopt this as its official tagline) and that's why he wants to help out two lucky people.


Not gonna lie, when you read something like "$1 rent" you would think whoever's offering that would be a creep, that's kind of just what we've learned to expect from NYC, so this genuine act of kindness is truly refreshing.

Applicants who respond to his advertisement will be vetted, receive a background check, and a select few will meet up with Rupert to test their compatibility as roommates. Kinda reminds us of Taylor Swift's Secret Sessions. No? Just us? Okay then.

Check our Rupert's ad and introduction video here.

[via 6sqft] [Feature Image Courtesy 6sqft]