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That View Tho! Are You Down for This Absolutely Epic Rooftop Bar Crawl All Across Manhattan?

It's summer, so as New Yorkers, that means we're interested in three main things: parties, booze, and exploring the city with our friends. 

We'd like to do engage in these activities outdoors as much as possible while we can. 

Because as much as we'd rather not admit it, the colder months are actually not that far away. Ugh. 

So, what's the perfect solution for all of our weather-specific needs? A rooftop bar crawl, of course. Boom! 

It's like your ordinary, run-of-the-mill bar crawl, but better because it's got more roof. 

Roofs, ladies and germs, as all New Yorkers know, make everything better. 

Whether it's drinking in the view during happy hour, or having roof access in our apartment buildings that make us the most popular in our friend group because it makes for the dopest parties, roofs, once more, make everything better. 

They make life better. Beer simply tastes better. Cocktails are stronger. The world is a better place when it's on a roof which is why "Raising the Roof" was so many of our go-to dance moves for way too long. 


So get ready! Because we've teamed up with Rooftop Crawl to let you and your crew go belly down and get your rooftop crawl on this summer. 

Rooftop Crawl's locked down the absolute best rooftop bars in Manhattan to bring you a seamless, boozy, elevated (ha, get it? It's on a roof! Do you get it?!) bar crawl experience you couldn't get otherwise. 



Okay, so you could try and do your own bar crawl, but that would mean making reservations for you and your friends at each bar individually. Ain't nobody got time for that! Time wasted is time spent not getting wasted. And that's a waste.

We're giving away 6 tickets to one of their incredible rooftop crawls this summer (between July 21st and 23rd) where you and your guests will be able to experience three different dope rooftop venues in one night - all for free. 


Drinking our way through the best and most gorgeous rooftop venues in New York City? At no cost at all? Um, yeah. Sign us up, please. 

Enter in the form above and get ready to celebrate summer like never before. 

Check out Our Interactive Map of Every Rooftop Bar in NYC.

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