Don't forget your sunblock and shades!

 The Rockaway Boardwalk has finally been resurrected and is now ready for Summer.

The rebuilt Rockaway Boardwalk’s entire 5.5 mile stretch from Beach 9th Street to Beach 126th Street will be fully open to the public, beginning Memorial Day Weekend.

According to Curbed NY, the new and improved boardwalk is supposed to bring resilience and vibrancy to the big Apple. 

Now, visiting tourists will have another place to bump into us New Yorkers. #NewYorkerProblemz.

The Rockaway boardwalk has gotten a serious facelift, with materials meant for harsh weather conditions similar to Hurricane Sandy, which occurred in 2012. 

Pretty sure all of New York is praying that this boardwalk stays up, so we can get away from our horrible paying jobs and finally get some peace and quiet!


So New Yorkers, be ready for crowded hot sands, a lively Boardwalk, and a way better hang out spot than Coney Island.

The grand opening will also be the same weekend as the launch of the Rockaway Ferry, which is a great way to promote both the opening of the boardwalk and the new ferry. Bye bye hour-long ride on the train!


Mayor Bill de Blasio has high hopes for this reinvented boardwalk and maybe us New Yorkers should finally stop complaining about new things. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Twitter] [via Curbed NY]