On July 17th, the Seated Ballerina headlining at Rockefeller Center took her final bows. 

Once that piece of magnificent art was finally deflated, which probably took forever since it's a massive 45 feet tall, Rock Center was quick to put another art installation in her place, Time Out NY reported.

Artists Jason Woodside and JM Rizzi cracked open their spray cans on Tuesday, July 18 to create a huge graffiti mural in the middle of the plaza.

Using the former base of the inflatable dancer, the two artists got to work on the art piece right in the middle of the plaza as passersby got to check out their progress.

Talk about a rebound.

The Insta-worthy three-wall mural will only be up for a week though, so head over to Rockefeller Center to get your pics ASAP.

We're actually banking on the new installation to get a well-deserved extension like the Seated Ballerina had. 


It's only fair, and one week is far too short for such an amazing work of art. 

That's especially true for artwork that was created for hours outside in this disgustingly sweaty and smelly NYC summer.  


But we'll just have to rush to admire the mural in the meantime. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] [via Time Out NY]