New York City is no stranger to some of the most bizarre foodie trends. It feels like we've seen them all, both the hits and the misses. 

We've seen a burger nestled in a ramen noodle bun, a cake that looks like a drop of water, and the less-than-enthralling poke burrito, which was a little hard to stomach. 

But the newest trend is one we think we can definitely get on board with. 

Considering the fact that it involves bread and dessert, two of our favorite things on the planet, this isn't going to be difficult.

Rice Cream Shoppe, located at 195 Bleecker Street, is now expanding its menu to include these incredible brioche buns bursting with their delicious rice pudding.

Bless their hearts.

We can't wait to get our hands on these little slices of carbohydrate heaven.

This newfound creation also leaves us begging the question: will Rice to Riches, NYC's other rice pudding shop, be following suit? Or will they come up with something even more delicious in an attempt to one-up them?

Only time will tell. Either way, we're not mad. 






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[via Guest of a Guest] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]