For years, Rice to Riches has dominated the rice pudding scene in NYC, but a newcomer is vying for the throne.

According to Gothamist, residents of Greenwich Village can enjoy nearly 20 different flavors of this tasty, relatively healthy treat.

The Rice Cream Shoppe offers 15 different variations of rice pudding with a seasonal rotation of five more flavors.

Some of the flavors will include pistachio, chocolate hazelnut, rocky road, and cherry vanilla.

If you're looking for something more traditional, go for the Indian Kheer flavor.

Don't know what Kheer is? It's a rice pudding that is made by boiling rice, wheat, or tapioca with milk, sugar, and traditional flavorings like cardamom, saffrons, and nuts.


Strictly vegan? Don't sweat it, the Rice Cream Shoppe offers vegan flavors made with a milk alternative, along with low-fat and gluten-free options as well.

The Rice Cream Shoppe sells three different sizes: an 8 ounce serving for $7, a 12 ounce serving for $8.75, or a quart for $20.

lucky__peach New kid on the block! Rice cream anyone? @ricecreamshoppe opened a week ago in Greenwich village right on the corner of Bleecker and MacDougal. They make amazing rice puddings are freshly made daily and they have 21 flavors, some of which are seasonal. The flavors definitely reflect the owner's Italian roots, with ones like cannoli, tiramisu and Nutella. There are no preservatives or any nasties like corn syrup. There is also an egg free and dairy free one for vegans. Did I mention there are toppings? 🙋🙋 We had the corn and coconut choc chip ones topped with cookie crumbs and coconut chips. Brb gone to dessert heaven. 😆😆 #peachperfect #ricepudding #myfab5 #missnewfoodie #hungrygrls #eaterny #eater #epicurious #foodisfuel #eatrealfood #feedyoursoull #nourishyourbody #spoonfeed #foursquarefind #eeeeeats #yahoofood #nycfat #nyfoodie #nycfoodie #nyceats #eatupnewyork #foodiegram #healthyfoodporn #feedfeed #wholefoods #buzzfeast #nourishnotpunish #topcitybites #buzzfeedfood #plantbased

Want toppings or a waffle bowl? That'll only cost you an extra dollar.

The Rice Cream Shop is located at 195 Bleecker Street, it opened last week, and the rice pudding competition in NYC just got a lot richer.

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[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]