Lower Manhattan as we know it could see some pretty significant changes in the near future. Okay, so that's a pretty broad-sweeping statement. 

As of last spring, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation reached a legal settlement with the Lend Lease Construction LMB Inc., in order to fund $50 million for 14 projects in the area. 

Last week, Governor Cuomo announced which projects will see additional funding in a statement that 'this action will help strengthen these neighborhoods in Lower Manhattan and create a better environment to live and visit.'"

According to NewYork.com, the Hudson River Park has been allotted $10 million to complete it's third phase of construction on two recreation piers, an ecological pier, and an upland park space. 

Additionally, the East River Waterfront will receive $10 million in order to revamp two miles of the waterfront from the southern tip of Manhattan to the East River Park. 

Pier 42 will receive $7 million to provide for new landscaping, new lighting, and a playground. Battery Park will get $6 million for a new, 60,000 square-foot playground. 

The Downtown Boathouse will receive $15,000 for 25 new kayaks, to beef up their free kayaking classes from Pier 26.


Additionally, the Tribute in Light installation, which has run as a memorial for the 9/11 attacks, sending a skylight into the air at the location of the Twin Towers will run every year with an additional $700,000 funding for the next two years. 

The South Street Seaport Museum will receive $4.8 million for a new community space and a new educational space. 

The off-Broadway theater, the Flea Theater, will be able to expand their theater space with $2.5 million. 

The Jackie Robinson Foundation received $1 million in order to help with the Jackie Robinson Museum, which is slated to open in 2017. 

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[via NewYork.com] [Feature Image Courtesy GothamGazette]