Sometimes You Gotta Eat Your Way Out of It: 7 Best Restaurants to Nurse a Hangover in NYC

Everybody knows that food is an essential part of surviving a horrendous hangover. 

Everybody also has their personal preference for what they consider the best hangover food in the game. So, this article might not hit every type of hangover food that there is.

However, most people agree that some of the best hangover food is greasy, delicious comfort food. 

If your favorite hangover food is a kale salad with a side of carrot sticks then this probably isn’t the article for you.

Also, we’re pretty sure that kale and carrot sticks won’t cure a hangover. It probably won’t even come close. Putting healthy stuff into your body is no way to get your liver to stop crying. 

Anyway, here are 7 of the best spots in NYC to hit up if you’re nursing a nasty hangover.

1. Veselka (144 2nd Avenue) 

veselkanyc Now bring us some kutya pudding, Now bring us some kutya pudding, Now bring us some kutya pudding, And bring some out here. #veselkanyc #kutya ##holiday #pudding

This restaurant is fire flames. We eat there as often as possible. The mac and cheese is the best in Manhattan. Actually, the mac and cheese is the best in America. Also, you may not eat borscht, but word on the street is that their borscht is both delicious and a great hangover cure.


But, if you’re not a borscht kind of person, then all their other food still dominates the game and will knock out your hangover the same way Rocky Balboa knocks out communism.

2. Lucy’s Vietnamese Kitchen (262 Irving Avenue - Brooklyn) 

lucysvietnamesekitchen ❗️❗️Caution❗️❗️ Hot + steamy -- may fog up glasses and dining windows! 😜 Open all day, come by or order for delivery! #happyholidays #Bushwick

Pho is a delicious treat, and it is great for a hangover. Lucy’s has some of the best pho around, but if you’re not interested in soup for your hangover, don’t worry because Lucy’s has got you covered.

They also have mad spicy Ba Minh sandwiches, and nine times out of ten, they destroy your hangover.

3. Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop (727 Manhattan Avenue - Brooklyn) 

So, the food here is delicious and great for a hangover. We mean, who doesn’t want to grub on donuts when they’re in the throes of a hangover? The one thing that gets annoying is that the wait staff are not nice, not even a little bit nice.

That’s kind of their thing at this restaurant. It’s like their shtick. We know, we know, New Yorker’s are tough, we eat the weak for breakfast. So, dealing with aggressive waiters and waitresses is nothing new. But, when you’re hungover, sometimes it’s best to avoid mean servers.


But, if you’re willing to deal with an annoying and agitated wait staff, then this food will definitely eliminate your hangover.

4. Northeast Kingdom (18 Wyckoff Avenue - Brooklyn) 

gadaboutfood Yes. #Brunch at @northeastkingdom in #Bushwick.

If you’re looking for a little hair of the dog on Saturday or Sunday morning, then this is the hangover restaurant for you. The bloody marys here are super tight. They put a bunch of vegetables in them though, so if you’re not into vegetables, then maybe stick to the mimosas.

Also, the food here is dope. They have a chicken sandwich that brings the noise. Overall, this place is a little bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth hitting up if you’re batting a crippling hangover.


5. Midnight Express Diner (1715 2nd Avenue)

alfsosv @MidnightDinerNY #midnightexpressdiner

This is a sweet low-key diner. They have all the standard delicious diner food, and it is mad casual. The best thing about going to a diner for a hangover is the options. You not only have great lunch options or great breakfast options, but you’ve got great options from every meal of the day.


We know we just described exactly what a diner is, but when you’re hungover, sometimes you need things spelled out for you. Anyway, this place is great. The wait staff is super chill and we’ve interacted with them during a killer hangover on many occasions and they are never asses about it.

6. Bagel Express (1804 2nd Avenue) 

hungrybetches For all of you struggling to get out of bed on this Monday morning (1pm)

These are some of the best breakfast sandwiches in NYC. Their bagels are made fresh and taste delicious (particularly their blueberry bagels). Also, it’s great for a hangover because it is super casual and fast.

Everyone knows that breakfast sandwiches are a great hangover food. However, what makes this place great isn’t just the delicious breakfast sandwiches, it’s also the chill vibes and the fact that you can be in and out in under ten minutes.

7. Little Mo (1158 Myrtle Avenue - Brooklyn) 

takeoffer Jeg elsker, at der findes alle slags typer, alle slags områder og al slags mad i den her by. Fx moderne vietnamesisk i Bushwick 😋 @mettelindgaard #TakeOfferTakeOver #traveltips #newyork

Much like Lucy’s, this spot has great pho and other delicious Vietnamese treats.


There’s something about Vietnamese food that makes you think it wouldn’t be great for a hangover. Luckily, we are here to set you straight because Vietnamese food is perfect for curing hangovers.

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