7 Best NYC Restaurants You Absolutely Have to Check Out This February

When most people think of February, little hearts and cupids start dancing in their heads. We're not most people. 

There's so much more going on in February than simply a day to celebrate your love/friendship with another person (which you should do everyday anyway). There's the Super Bowl, there's President's Day, there's World Nutella Day... 

Okay, so maybe there isn't a whole bunch going on in February, but there's so many more reasons to go out to dinner than just one hallmark holiday. 

These restaurants will make any day of the month into a killer night to remember. They're some of the hottest restaurants in NYC, and you need to check them out this month.

Read on to find out just what they are. 

1. Cookshop (156 10th Avenue)

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For some people, February is all about Valentine's Day. According to the National Restaurant Association, it's the second busiest day of the year for the restaurant industry. While we're all for some romance, we're not so into the idea of a typical date night V-day dinner. 


Because Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year, how about head to a romantic brunch instead of dishing out hundreds on set menus? We'd highly suggest Cookshop for a delicious brunch with beignets, baked french toast, or a beef burger. You'll score major brownie points. 

2. Vandal (199 Bowery) 

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This new hit spot from The Tao Group is a must hit restaurant in February. Stanton Social chefs Chris Santos and Johnathon Kavourakis told Eater that they traveled to 14 different countries to acquire unique ideas for the menu at Vandal. The space is both a restaurant and a lounge. 

If the food isn't enough to get you to Vandal, you have to go merely to check out the artwork on the walls completed by seven street artists. 

3. Insa (328 Douglass Street - Brooklyn)

bernibk Finally made it to Insa. Don't wait. Go. #insa #brooklyn #gowanus

After opening in December, this Korean BBQ and karaoke spot has flourished in Brooklyn. It's a no-tipping spot, as the tip is already included in your final bill. 


Insa is split with two doors; one to the karaoke bar, and one to the main restaurant. When you're done with the delicious kimchi fried rice, or "seafood 'corn dog'" with two fried seafood sausages, hit up the karaoke and show off your skills (or lack there of). 

4. High Street on Hudson (637 Hudson Street)

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As of this week, every Wednesday through Sunday, from 5:30 p.m. to close, High Street on Hudson is serving up some incredible dinner dishes that you must check out this month. 

Initially, this Philadelphia-based restaurant in the Meatpacking district was only open for lunch and dinner with house made breads and pastries, but now they've added dinner to their repertoire, with dishes like "Honey glazed Young Chicken for Two," and "Long Island Duck." 


5. Llama Inn (50 Withers Street - Brooklyn)

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If you haven't heard of this phenomenal restaurant, you need to educate yourself. The Llama Inn, helmed by former Eleven Madison Park sous chef Erik Ramirez, is a cute spot serving up Peruvian cuisine. 

With a welcoming, open bar in the center of the restaurant, the setup of the spot isn't necessarily normal for New York City, but it certainly works. 


The fact that the plates are small are both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you can try many items at a time, but on the other hand you'll want more of each.

6. Bierocracy (12-23 Jackson Avenue - Queens)

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There's something so perfect about sipping on some hoppy beer and snacking on some soft pretzels in the middle of the winter. That's why you have to check out this spot Long Island City spot that opened in November. 

Bierocracy is a great spot if you're meeting up with friends but don't have any real plans. It's a casual beer garden/gastropub that has some really incredible snacks. It's worth the trip to LIC to check out this laid back, casual hot spot. 

7. Momofuku Nishi (232 8th Avenue)

foodiesdnyc Spicy beef Sichuan flat noodle tofu yacai. A Korean/Italian ragu. Bellisimo! Much praise to the team @ momofuku Nishi. Wow good. #foodiesdnyc #dericious #davidchang #momofuku #nyc #nycfood #foodgram

David Chang has hit gold again, this time with an entirely new concept that opened in Chelsea January 8th. This no-tipping restaurant is a mix of Italian and Korean cuisines, with prices a bit more expensive than Noodle Bar.

David Chang told Eater, "[it] pisses me off that Asian food has to be cheaper. Why? Not one person has given me a reason why. All the ingredients that we're getting are top-quality, and just as expensive as any other restaurant."


He goes on to state, "[the] only expensive ingredient we're not using is parmesan-- and guess what parmesan is? MSG. We're replacing the parmesan with our own fermented chickpea paste that took us six to nine months to make. So f*ck you guys."

To be honest, we love this place simply because we love David Chang as a chef and as a person.

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