Resolute Hunger: 7 Best NYC Restaurants to Help Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Whoever told you you couldn't keep your New Year's resolution was wrong. How do we know? Well, because we believe in you. 

Also, because there are plenty of New York City restaurants that can help make your dream a reality.

Thankfully, there are NYC restaurants that serve Brussels sprouts tacos, broccoli dogs, and chickpea burgers. 

Thanks to this creative, innovative, health-minded city, you won't have to deprive yourself of your favorite foods to stick with your New Year's resolutions.

We only get one body, NYC. 2016 is the year to be nice to it. Ready, set, eat healthy. Find out where in this city you can do that below.

1. Candle 79 (154 East 79th Street)

candle79 Happy New Year from #Candle79! Our four-course #NYE prix-fixe menu was a huge hit tonight! Wishing you all the health and happiness in the coming year!

Candle 79 is often referred to as NYC's premiere vegan oasis, but its charms aren't restricted to vegans alone. True, they don't serve meat, but that doesn't mean carnivores can't enjoy their delicious, healthy, farm-to-table dishes.

We're talking spinach ravioli, cornmeal poppers, and unbelievably tasty dumplings. We're talking grilled cauliflower with squash risotto that's simultaneously amazing and guiltless.


Did you know healthy food could taste this good? Yeah, well, it's true. They've even got dessert. Their apple cranberry crumb and chocolate peanut bliss will make you want to eat healthily for the rest of your life.

2. Ellary's Greens (33 Carmine Street)

ellarysgreens Today's brunch chronicles: zucchini tomato basil frittata with herbed bread crumb & parmesan cheese .. served with a side salad 😍

Ellary's Greens has the trifecta. Of course, we mean healthy, affordable, and organic. 

So you can knock two resolutions off your list in a single blow: the one that pledged to spend far less cash, and the one that pledged you'd be nice to your body. 

No more yearning for calorie-packed, artery-clogging burgers. Help yourself to one of Ellary's Green's blowing chickpea burgers and never crave an unhealthy burger again.

What sets Ellary's Greens apart for real, though, is the fact that they actually do serve meat. They completely debunk the myth that you have to be vegan to be healthy.

They also have a really great gluten-free almond butter cookie. You don't need to deprive yourself to be healthy, thankfully.

3. Little Beet Table (333 Park Avenue South)

littlebeettable Going green for 2016? We’ll be open today for lunch and dinner and tomorrow New Years Day for Brunch and Dinner!

Eating well never tasted this good. We mean it. At Little Beet Table, they've got some of the best salmon we've ever had in our lives: it's slow cooked, and served with avocado, pistachio, and black olive oil.

We also can't say enough about the seared tuna or the baby kale salad. Grilled beets? A-plus! Oh, we'd also be insane if we didn't mention the baked sweet potatoes. They're twice baked, and served with crushed red pepper. You need to try these, and we're not messing around.


They also have a huge communal table at Little Beet Table, which makes it easy to make friends with other healthy New Yorkers. Oh, also, we're obsessed with the tender shrimp and chickpeas. You'll be amazed at the amount of flavor in this dish.

They also have a good variety of drinks, so you can get tipsy and eat healthy at this truly delightful, health-conscious restaurant.

4. Angelica Kitchen (300 East 12th Street)

angelicakitchen Roasted acorn squash, filled with a mix of quinoa, roasted turnips, button mushrooms, carrots and sautéed leeks; served with a side of white cassoulet bean sauce accented with sage and topped with roasted garlic tofu cream. Accompanied by green beans and salad of spinach, mizuna and dandelion tossed with balsamic dressing.

Angelica Kitchen's organic, plant-based cuisine will remind you how blissful it is to eat well; how when you're nice to your body, everything else in your world will improve. 

Plus, they serve brunch now, and no one wants to miss brunch even if they are subscribing to a "be healthy" New Year's resolution.

The main ingredients in all Angelica's Kitchen's dishes? Well, that one's easy: sustainable agriculture. They maintain committed, direct relationships with local farmers, and compost actively.

Plus, we really can't get enough of their Picnic Plate. It makes eating healthy so, so good. It's got walnut-lentil pate, marinated arame salad, and baked tempeh. Plus, the vibes here are entirely chill and cozy.

You want our advice on the situation? Save room for dessert. Everything tastes better topped with maple tofu whip. 


5. Little Park (85 West Broadway)

littleparknyc Almost ready for Thanksgiving @littleparknyc. Photo by @andrewcarmellini.

Want to eat wholesomely? Then get to Little Park and check out their beetroot risotto. It's incredibly sweet and tangy, plus it's bright pink which has to affect the flavor, doesn't it?

Oh, what's that? You aren't convinced?

Then get your hands on some kale ravioli at Little Park. We promise it'll be just as tasty-- if not tastier --than any pasta dish you've eaten, like, ever. Plus, you'll feel so incredibly energized after being so nice to your stomach.


They've got cocktails, grilled chicken that's both good for you and flavorful, and brunch. No, you don't have to pound Eggs Benedict to enjoy brunch. You could always stick to your own personal goals and treat yourself to some yogurt, granola, dried fruit and honey. 

At Little Park, eating well can be delicious. Don't take our word for it. Check it out for yourself.

6. Dirt Candy (86 Allen Street)

dirtcandynyc New dishes on the way.....

If you eat at Dirt Candy, you'll find yourself dreaming about the Korean fried broccoli: trust us. The Brussels Sprouts Tacos are entirely inventive and scrumptious, and after you try the tomato cake, you'll definitely leave your dollar slice days far, far behind.

They've also got a good alcohol selection, so you can indulge yourself in a nice buzz for being so good to your digestive system. 

They also serve this incredible veggie monkey bread which we fantasize about often. Hotdog lovers: quit your days at Papaya Dog and get your hands on one of Dirt Candy's broccoli dogs instead. You'll never look back.

All we're saying is, if you want to be a part of the health food scene in NYC, you need to get to Dirt Candy, like, this week. Making a reservation is pretty necessary because this place gets crowded.

7. Egg Shop (151 Elizabeth Street)

eggshopnyc Fried quail egg, house made sausage, fresh parsley with Vermont syrup. #eggsyall

As you may have guessed, Egg Shop specializes in locally-sourced and organic egg sandwiches. This restaurant is dedicated to the art of the egg sandwich, and the versatility of the egg ingredient.

Egg Shop is a pretty amazing restaurant that serves a pretty amazing fried chicken. The chicken is crispy, glazed with light honey, and not vein-clogging unhealthy. 


They've also got a jalapeño jam that, when spread on your egg sandwich, can completely change the game. The eggs are runny but not soggy, the bacon is crispy, and the sandwiches are topped with the perfect amount of cheese.

If the idea of passing up your favorite breakfast sandwich for your New Year's resolution pains you more than you could explain, then don't. Just go to Egg Shop and get one that's just as good, and that won't decimate this year's health goals.  

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