7 Best NYC Mexican Joints That Give You Free Chips & Salsa

New York City is a seriously expensive place to live. Then again, it's also the greatest city in the world, so we'll pay whatever we can for as long as we can to stay here. 

So when this city is basically sucking up all of our paycheck, it's a pleasant and most welcome surprise to be given something for... what's the word? 


It's a word that we don't use or hear very often in NYC, but when we do, New Yorkers come running, especially when it's free food. 

We're on that sh*t faster than a college student on an unattended case of booze. 

So when restaurants give us free chips and salsa, we're hooked. Then again, we'll probably be spending more than enough on deliciously alcoholic margaritas to cover the cost of the chips, but it's a wonderful sentiment that will keep us coming back for more. 

Check out these restaurants serving up complimentary chips while you wait for your delicious meal in NYC. 

1. Rocking Horse Cafe (182 8the Avenue)

linnehaha ... Until the chips and salsa arrive @thejoyofsets joyofsets

Delicious food: check. Friendly people: check. Free chips and salsa: CHECK! 

Whenever you're in Chelsea looking for a new place to eat, you need to make your way over to the Rocking Horse Cafe


Their tortilla chips are warm and crispy and their salsa is spicy, but not so spicy you won't be able to feel your face. Did we mention they're free? 

Make sure to order some guacamole to enjoy them with, because everybody loves chips and guac. 

2. Taqueria Coatzingo (7605 Roosevelt Avenue - Queens)

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Want some complimentary chips in Queens? How about some pretty flavorful tacos? You need to get to Taqueria Coatzingo in Jackson Heights. They're typically served warm as soon as you sit down, with a side of delicious salsa to satisfy you while you're perusing their menus. 

Even better? How about a taco for $2.00? We're in love with the spicy pork tacos and we're pretty sure you will be too. So if you have two tacos along with those free chips? It'll only cost you $4. We'd say that's a steal in NYC. 

3. Arriba Arriba (762 9th Avenue)

markscottpr Sometimes you just need a giant margarita! #nofilter #startearly

When you're up for some booze, great music, and free chips, head over to Arriba Arriba. On Friday nights, they have a DJ, so don't go there if you're a party pooper looking for a silent night. 


The chips are served warm with a little side of salsa for your dipping pleasure. After you've devoured these deliciously fried morsels, order the fajitas and a "Mama Margarita." It's not for the faint of heart, or liver for that matter. It's a 27-ounce margarita served in a massive glass. Plus, they're strong.

4. Taqueria y Fonda La Mexicana (968 Amsterdam Avenue)

damegross How I've missed you

When you get free chips, sometimes it's a surprise to receive homemade chips that are fresh out of the fryer. It's even better when you get three different salsas. You get both at Taqueria y Fonda La Mexicana

Plus, once you're snacking on some chips, you probably won't be able to eat a whole burrito. We couldn't eat a whole burrito at Taqueria y Fonda La Mexicana, so it's a great thing that you can order a baby burrito. It's half of their regular burritos, just enough to make you full, but not a bloated blimp. 


5. Maz Mezcal (316 East 86th Street)

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How about a basket of chips with a trio of salsas? We'd politely say yes, but when you add in the fact that it's free, we say yass! Maz Mezcal is a great go to for anyone looking for a casual dinner with friends without the excessive price tag. 


Once you're done with the chips, try the enchiladas verdes that is served for with 3 enchiladas with green sauce, melted cheese, and sour cream. 

6. Tacos El Bronco (4324 4th Avenue - Brooklyn)

leiabox Y'all! We found real salsa, refried beans & horchata. So very happy.

When you're in Brooklyn, there are plenty of places to eat delicious food, not many places who give away a bowl of chips and salsa for free when you're seated. Plus, how many places in Brooklyn have $2.50 tacos? Not many. 

Did we mention this place also has a food truck? So once you're hooked on their tongue tacos for only $2.75, you can grab one quickly at the truck outside of their restaurant. Not into tongue? What about pork stomach for $2.50? If you're completely vanilla, they also serve chicken, steak, and pork. 

7. Taqueria St. Marks Place (79 St. Marks Place)

keepmoving123 Oh #saturday how do I love thee πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜„

We're kind of bummed that a lot of places in St. Mark's have been closing down or moving away from this beloved block. However, Taqueria St. Marks Place is still serving incredible Mexican food for cheap. Plus, they also give you complimentary chips and salsa. 


However, you really cannot finish your chips and salsa without ordering the guacamole at Taqueria St. Marks. Their guacamole is delicious on anything from their chips, to their fish tacos, to their margaritas... okay, so don't add them to your margarita, but make sure you wash it down with one. 

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