7 Best Restaurants to Have a Healthy Date Night in NYC

Whether it’s the first date and you want to highlight your (potential?) healthy lifestyle, or it’s your twenty-fourth date, and you both want to avoid any unwanted relationship weight, it’s never a bad idea to fill yourself up with some healthy food on a date.

Fortunately, there are plenty of vegan/vegetarian, farm-to-table, fresh ingredient using, and carnivorous restaurants to taste some healthier dishes in. 

These eateries have a good mix of trendy and casual dining, and are bound to suit anyone’s taste-- no matter how picky. 

Your date will be impressed, and you won’t feel the need to lay down and rest with your food baby after eating out.

1. The Thirsty Koala (35-12 Ditmars Blvd -  Queens)

thethirstykoala #tbt to that time @ny_foodie joined us for a fan favorite #fish dish: our Barramundi Amandine. (📷 credit: @ny_foodie) #seafoodlover #fresh #healthyfood #healthychoices #goodeats #nyceats #eeeeeats #eeeeeatsnyc #food #foodpics #foodspotting #foodshare #foodporn #delicious #yummy #astoria #astoriaqueens #weheartastoria #🐠

The Thirsty Koala has long been an Astoria neighborhood favorite, and quite honestly deserves all kinds of love. The waitstaff is insanely friendly and laid-back, and the Australian food they cook will excite without wreaking havoc upon your body.

The crowd favorite here is the lamb lollies, complemented nicely by the arugula salad and caramelized pumpkin to cover most of your food groups in one fell swoop. 


The mashed sweet potatoes and lemon myrtle rice are sides that suite any main course, and the kangaroo burger with the lot cannot be missed. The burger is accompanied by grilled pineapple, Canadian bacon, a fried egg, caramelized onion, beet slaw, lettuce, tomato, and fresh red onion.

Here you can cover all the vegetable intake you could ask for while eating adventurously. The vegetarian chili and healthy sandwiches like the Bondi and Canberra are also great ways to try something new and not be a jerk to your body.

2. Egg Shop (151 Elizabeth Street)

eggshopnyc Yo! Guurrl - sohha savory yogurt, ambrosial granola, seasonal fruit. #repost @estxcvi

Started by a couple in the Lower East Side, this Nolita eatery is the quaint and cozy restaurant that will give you all of the rich and filling food that won’t actually make you want to take it all back after the meal is over.

Although, due to its size and good reputation, Egg Shop is usually a bit crowded. Making a reservation necessary for any date. 

It is well-worth planning ahead for. It supplies an ideal mix of breakfasty, eggy dishes as well as more dinner-oriented fare. Basically, traditional meal times are meaningless here, and you and your date can feast on the wide selection of drunken eggs, nite cruiser bowls, and all manner of hearty but healthy fare.

The poached burrata and the "Roe My Boat," a combination of salmon roe, potato pancake, sea salt yogurt, cucumber, pickled onion, and fresh dill, are particularly amazing. Although the open kitchen layout is homey and simple, the food here is hella exciting.

3. Little Park (85 West Broadway)

markuhlemann Honestly, no better afternoon snack than the #brusselssprouts at @littleparknyc.

Little Park is the perfect spot for a clean, minimalist atmosphere, and well-designed dishes. The restaurant has a modern feel, and fancy plate presentation that will up the feel of any date night.

With great pressed juices and impressive brunch and bakery options, it offers a good meal for any time of day. If you come by for dinner though, the squash tart and beetroot risotto are equal parts nourishing and tasty.


The dessert and drinks however, are not to be overlooked. Little Park’s frozen meyer lemon fluff, malted milk panna cotta, and cinnamon toast ice cream are heavenly if you want a more caloric treat. 

The grapefruit sorbet is also excellent if you’re looking for something to complement your healthy meal. As for drinks- our favorite is the Bog on Fire, which consists of a searing mix of mezcal, mandrin vodka, amaro, lemon, cranberry, and grated cinnamon.

4. Siggy’s Good Food (292 Elizabeth Street)

danaikadzere Splendid Raw Slaw with Sesame Kale & Cabbage at Siggy's Good Food in NoHo! #nyceats

Another NoHo gem, Siggy’s serves up healthful recipes in enormous portions that will make you and your date full and happy. Lunch is their forte, but they do have fantastic breakfast burritos that will not turn radioactive once they start to digest.

The homestyle feel is amplified by hearty and homey dishes that offer vegetarian and healthier versions of classic pasta and mediterranean meals. The tofu lasagna is satisfying and guilt free, and won’t leave you or your date longing for dollar pizza or dessert the second you leave.


5. Greenwich Project (47 West 8th Street)

greenwichproject Meet the "odd couple," crispy sweetbreads and snails with garlic foam #greenwichproject #greenwichvillage #8thst #restaurants #nyc #contemporaryamerican

Greenwich Project is the perfect restaurant for a dinner and/or drinks date that will be kind to your body. It’s open late, has a great bar, and a trendy ambiance.


If you’re looking to get some unique seafood that isn’t dripping in sodium, the fideo squid ink pasta is a must. Show your date that you’re up to try new things, and treat yourself. All forms of risotto cooked here are also amazing; whether it’s the risotto or the paella risotto ball, it will never disappoint.

6. Nish Nush (88 Reade Street)

thebellychronicles GIGANTIC falafel plate – enough for two meals >.<*. The falafel trio also comes with whole wheat pita to stuff this plate of goodies into. Nish Nush tops any other falafel I have tried in New York so far. Very fresh and crispy and I loved how the falafel trio plate has three different types of falafel. I didn’t even know falafel could have different flavors! Nish Nush | Hummus and falafel made fresh daily! | Snapped: Falafel Trio (green falafel, spinach & mushroom falafel, roasted pepper falafel) Nom factor: 9/10 🔥⚡️

Nish Nush is regarded by many as the holy grail of NYC falafel. Light and crispy, with diverse flavor selection and authentic style, it resides in TriBeCa serving up killer middle eastern dishes. 

You can keep things light but satisfying, and create your own hummus with mix-ins, or try out a spicy shakshuka, a falafel sandwich, or the unrealistically appetizing purple rain salad. Healthy food has no business tasting this good.

The fare is affordable, so it doesn’t matter if you’re treating or splitting the bill. There’s plenty of seating, and the chickpea covered tables provide a charming feel for some good food and (hopefully) good conversation.

7. Candle Cafe (1307 Third Avenue and 2427 Broadway)

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With two locations in the Upper East Side and the Upper West Side respectively, Candle Cafe is famous for its mouthwatering vegan dishes and farm-to-table freshness. 

The sides alone are enough to sustain you, but the salad selection, vegan burgers with add-ons, and especially the BBQ tempeh and sweet potato sandwich are what will really get you excited to eat here.


We recommend coming here for the eco-friendly and healthily diverse vegan options, as well as the warm and inviting environment offered. The ginger miso stir-fry is also a pretty solid calling point. 

Even if you or your date isn’t a vegan, you can be happy knowing that the food is not only delicious, but also made with fresh and nutritious ingredients.

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