There are some that take Pokemon Go pretty seriously.

From walking into ponds, to having their phones stolen, the quest to catch 'em all has gotten way more intense than anyone had bargained for.

And then there are those that eat Pokemon for dinner.

Down N' Out, a pop up burger restaurant that owes it's name to popular California based chain, In N' Out, is servin' up Pokemon.

You heard right.

The pop up eatery, which is currently located in Sydney, Australia, is serving up burgers designed to look like your favorite Pokemon.

According to their Instagram, you have the option to choose between Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Charmander, not a bad selection to choose from.


Each burgers' buns are colored to match their respective Pokemon, and are embellished with various ingredients to complete the look.

Since there's no menu available online, and we can't fly out to Sydney on such short notice, it's unclear what exactly makes up these different Poke-burgers, but from the pictures we've so far they look STACKED.

These burgers are expected to be so popular that the restaurant has limited it to one burger per person.

Plus you can only order the burger to stay, for quality assurance reasons, which is something you can't argue with if it means you're getting an A+ burger.

[via Refinery 29] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]