Time to get your sea legs.

Rent in New York City is absurd. So absurd that landlords are saying it is absurd. But, what if there was a way to live in this city and leave it anytime you want?

Hannes Bend is renting out his 28 foot boathouse that comes with a bedroom, bathroom and the option to pretend you are a pirate adventuring on the high seas.

Bend posted an ad on Craigslist that is worth a read. 

In the ad, he asks for no money but you will be paying a fee for mooring the boat. Currently, the boat is in the Bronx but mooring somewhere else around the city could only be about $300 a month.

Bend, who says he is a "European artist and scholar" currently lives on a smaller boat in Portland and would like to come on the boat from time to time. Well, that sounds like a bargain right?

Living on a boat in the city can't possibly be bad! Every time you drink it's technically a booze cruise. Imagine the shock you'll see on someones face when you bring them there. You can always yell: "I'M ON A BOAT!" and it'll never get old.


Maybe living on a boat isn't for you but you cannot deny the ambition of Hannes Bend. He is riding on the newest wave of apartment hunting in this city.

With college grads throwing 75% of their income on rent in this city and some people living in a 90-square foot hole, Bend is giving away his space and inadvertently showing us how absurd this rent situation has become.


via Gothamist

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