If there's anything New York City is known for, it's for doing a looot with limited space.

Because why would you want a 3-bedroom house for 200,000 near Geneseo, when you can have a perfectly chic 500 square foot apartment in the coolest city in the world (objective fact) for $3000 a month?

New Yorkers are also clued into the biggest space saver of them all: build UP.

If you check out the rooftops of some select buildings in Greenwich Village and the West Village, according to Curbed NY, you'll even find rooftop cabins.

Besides offering unparalleled privacy, rooftop cabins provide adorable charm; just check out this $42,000 Nomad rental that's on the market right now.

The cabin is perched on top of 15 West 28th Street, and features a studio with a sleeping alcove, a modern kitchen, a small bathroom, and amazing skylights.

Is there even a point to living on a rooftop if you don't take advantage of the unfettered access to coveted natural sunlight?


There's also a terrace that surrounds the cabin, which includes a deck, hooks for hanging plants, and a white porch that would put Noah from The Notebook's to shame (we'll let you pretend you don't get the reference).

Check out some photos of this cute little cabin below, along with shots of its amazing, unobstructed view of the Empire State Building:

[Feature Image Courtesy Curbed NY] [Feature Image Courtesy kwnyc.com]