Williamsburg is coming up in the biggest way. In fact, Williamsburg might just be the next big thing. Well, it will be if the L train doesn't stymie its progress, but that's another story entirely.

Anyway, Curbed reported the news of a new, giant, mixed-use development set to emerge at 25 Kent Avenue.

It'll be the first ground-up, largely office building built in Williamsburg in more than ten years, which makes it an entirely significant development.

Currently, the project is waiting on special permits for the construction of the building. The co-developers, Heritage Equity Partners and Rubenstein Partners will present their plans to the local community board as a part of the procedure to secure those permits.

The property at 25 Kent Avenue is located in North Brooklyn's Industrial Business Zone, which means developers could construct their building with retail and office space, but would also have to designate half of the building to be a school, non-profit, religious or medical facility.

The developers are trying to alter those rules to add light manufacturing instead.

"Our project will make a home for these jobs - creating industries in Williamsburg, the creative center of Brooklyn, diversifying and thus strengthening the local and regional economies," said Toby Moskovits, CEO of Heritage Equity Partners

The developers are aiming to create a place in Brooklyn for start-ups. As of now, most start-ups have to move to Manhattan once they expand due to lack of commercial space in Brooklyn. 

For instance, the grocery delivery company Blue Apron was founded in Bushwick, but had to move to Manhattan when it expanded.


"New York City's production economy entrepreneurs and creative class want to grow their companies in Brooklyn, where their workforce lives and where the entrepreneurial spirit has thrived since the turn of the century," said Moskovits.

The building at 25 Kent Avenue will be eight stories tall, and its basement will be used as a parking garage and storage facility. The ground floor will be reserved exclusively for retail, and the second and third floors will be divided between light manufacturing and commercial.

If the developers are able to secure all the necessary permits, construction on the site is expected to begin by the end of the year.

Want to see what the building will likely look like when it's finished? Well, we've got some renderings below for you, and they're pretty unbelievable. Check them out.

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[via Curbed NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Curbed NY]