Hip hop is a vital part of New York City's history. 

The subculture started in the 1970's, and is still going strong. Now, hip hop can be seen all throughout the world. From graffiti to rapping the culture has spread from NYC.

With over 40 years of rich history, many would like to see hip hop persevered and further explored. Now, it seems that the Boogie Down Bronx may get a museum for the culture it created.

The Universal Hip Hop Museum might come to an old courthouse in the Bronx where the borough came to be, and the renderings look incredible.

The courthouse saw the creation of the Bronx, and the Bronx saw the creation of hip hop. That's poetry at its finest. Something hip hop heads can all get behind.

As of now, the museum is only really planned to use virtual reality to showcase exhibits and educate the masses on the importance of a culture that has been around for a very long time.

The designs come from Mike Ford, known as the "Hip Hop Architect," and his team who transformed the 1930's courthouse into a place where interactive photos, holograms and even more virtual reality can be housed.

The renditions feature a golden sculpture break dancing on a record and sound waves emitting from the record. The walls are lined with graffiti and there is a theater that has a mural of the legendary rapper Slick Rick.

Check out the renders below and get hyped because we are sure to hear more about this incredible museum.


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[via Curbed] [Feature Image Courtesy Curbed]