As '90s kids, we were graced with the beautiful invention of the ball pit.

Countless hours of fun were spent swimming in these giant pools of plastic...until someone threw a ball, hit someone in the eye and that kid left sobbing with his/her pissed off mom.

Well, Perrier is bringing us back to our glory days when Chuck E. Cheese was the go-to party spot, no matter how much it smelled like feet and cheese.

Starting today and ending on Sunday, Perrier has opened its "pop-up flavor studio" on 63 Greene St. in Soho to celebrate the debut of the brand's new flavors: Perrier Strawberry and Perrier Watermelon, Time Out NY reported.

So, you'll be swimming through the "bubbles" of their new flavored drinks–clever!

The flavor party has way more fun to offer, with live DJ sets every afternoon, so you can have epic music to highlight your Olympic dive into the bubble pit.

Then, you can head over to a wall that lets you draw a masterpiece to screen-print on a canvas bag. 


Once you're done being NYC's newest fashion designer, you can get your nails did at the free nail art salon.

When your nails dry, try out some free samples of Perrier's new flavors at the on-site mocktail bar.


You're going to need them to keep your energy up for a fun day in the beautiful ball pit. And yes, I said "day" because you're never going to want to leave.

[via Time Out NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram ]