If we owned a mansion, you can bet your ass we'd stock it full of beer.

High quality, delicious beer that is.

While we apologize for getting you excited about the idea of a mansion full of beer, according to TimeOut NY, something like that is actually going down from April 21st to the 22nd.

Brooklyn Brewery is hosting a tasting and live music event that'll put your best college rager memories to shame.

You'll have the choice of entering 5 rooms, each with its own theme and beer selection. 

The rooms: Tart of the Tropics (ales, citrus IPAs), The Forest (brown ales, black IPAs), The Darkness (Kolschs, pilsners), The Stoop (blondes and table beers) and Anatomy of a Beer (Kiwi's Playhouse sour ale) will be offering unlimited tastings.

Although if beer's not your thing, you can sip on cocktails at McClure's Pickles' Bloody Mary bar.


And for the drunk munchies that'll eventually hit you, Eater will be bringing in some of the city's favorite food vendors like Roberta’s, Bunker and Frankel’s.


Whatever you decide to do and wherever you decide to roam in this Beer Mansion, you can rest assured that this party won't be anything less than lit. 

[via TimeOut NY][Feature Image Courtesy Business Insider]