Have you heard? It's an election year. That's why every time you turn on the TV, listen to the radio, or check out your Facebook/Twitter feed, there's some semblance of a mixed political uprising from some very vocal citizens. 

Whether you're trying to "Make America Great Again," or #FeeltheBern, or even declaring, "I'm with her," you better check whether or not you can actually make your vote count. 

No matter who you're planning on voting for in the general election, you must be registered as a democrat or republican to vote in their respective primaries. 

That means, if you've registered as an independent or aren't registered at all, you cannot vote in the primaries. 

Not sure if you're registered? No worries! You can check online here, or call your local Board of Elections. 

If you aren't registered, but want to be, you can download the form here

Once you've printed it out and filled out the necessary information (including party affiliation), you must mail it to your County Board of Elections


However, these forms need to reach the County Board of Elections by March 25th in order to be registered in time to vote in the New York primaries held April 19th

If you're too late to mail in the forms, or are too concerned they won't arrive on time, you can register in person at your local County Board of Elections office. 

You can also register to vote online with the DMV, but only if you have a NYS drivers license, permit, or non-driver ID. 


Unfortunately, if you've already registered and declared yourself an independent or any other affiliation that is not the one you wish to vote for in the primary, you cannot change your party in time to vote for the primaries. The state of New York requires six months for a change of party request. 

If you're looking to register to vote in the general presidential election, you must have your registration form postmarked by October 14th and in the Board of Elections hands by October 14th to be eligible to vote. 

Regardless of who you wish to vote for, we highly recommend you make sure you're registered to vote.

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[via Board of Elections] [Feature Image Courtesy The New York Times]