Americans really love their burgers. So much so that they're even turning Japanese classics into bun and patty form. 

That's right. The sushi burger is a thing in NYC. 

Redeye Grill's creation artfully combines traditional Japanese ingredients into an American staple.

The chef first starts with a rice "bun"; you have a choice of white or black sushi rice. 

The filling begins with a base of dried seaweed and spicy tuna. Toppings like avocado, cucumber, watermelon radish, pickled ginger, and seaweed salad are piled on. 

The burger then gets a few squeezes of sriracha and yuzu aioli. 

The top bun gets a sprinkling of fumi furikake, a Japanese seasoning containing dried and ground fish, sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, sugar,  and salt. 


Executive chef Jawn Chasteen is even experimenting with different fillings like pickled vegetables and shrimp tempura. Although, the tuna version remains the most popular. 

Seriously, just take a look at this:


That is one sexy burger. 

Dreams really do come true. #Blessed. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Delish] [via Delish]