It's been a while in dog years, but Hurricane Sandy's legacy is still being felt today. 

So, in the spirit of trying new things to solve old problems, Red Hook is potentially getting some grassy knolls in its midst.

Its Red Hook Houses will, if all goes according to plan, have 14 rolling green hills known as "Lily Pads" by Kohn Pedersen Fox

As it's the largest housing development in Brooklyn, if KPF can come up with a win here, for its 28 buildings and 6,00 residents, the whole Red Hook Area could potentially see some big, green, and grassy changes. 

These nature spaces, with perfect picnic potential, will also contain machinery capable of providing backup power and heat to the houses. 

And if that's not enough, they're also designed to serve as flood barriers, according to TimeOut NY.

The New York City Housing Authority commissioned the multipurpose hills after Hurricane Sandy left residents without heat and electricity for weeks in the fall of 2012.


So, beneath the surface level of posies and high grass, they'll address the particular faults found in Red Hook's post-hurricane problems. Basement mechanical rooms were flooded, and infrastructure was devastated, requiring years of repairs. 

Rendering by Kohn Pederson Fox

FEMA has allocated $438 million for the hills shielding the Red Hook Houses complex alone.

[Feature Image Courtesy ArchPaper] [via TimeOut NY]