Better Than the Average Bar Crawl: Check Out This Incredible NYC Record Store Crawl!

Drinking in New York City is good fun. There's a bar practically everywhere and even better there are rooftop bars everywhere. So, you've probably done a bar crawl. Let's be real, you've probably done a bunch.

You've done themed ones and adventurous ones. You avoid SantaCon because of how unjolly it can be. And if you've never done it before, a rooftop bar crawl is phenomenal and we want you to experience it too.

Now, there is a crawl that will get your ears buzzing with excitement.

The Record Store Crawl takes place on July 30th and it is shaping up to be an incredibly event with lots of music, goodies and of course booze.

You'll be chauffeured around the city on a bus with other dedicated music lovers taking in the sights and the beautiful sounds that this city has to offer. 

While you're riding around, Heliotropes, a band that is decidedly awesome, will be riding with you and performing at the various bars you'll be hitting up.

So, what do you get with your ticket? Well, get ready.

An open bar, plus dollar tacos at Baby's All Right, signed vinyls and test pressings for that collection you've been working on, and a Heliotropes shirt so you can tell everyone how much you love your new favorite band.


Oh, you'll also get a gift bag with a whole bunch of mysterious goodies in addition to just a bunch of discounts at the city's best record stores.


So, instead of hearing the loud incoherent chatter of a packed bar, why not do a crawl that will keep you moving because of the music?

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[via Warner Music Group] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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