7 Reasons You Should Never, Ever Call It a Night Early in NYC

With the winter freeze going strong and summer still a ways away, it might seem like calling it an early night and disappearing into your bed for the next three months is a top-notch plan. 

Pump the brakes. 

We’re here to tell you that as appealing as that may be, there is no reason you can’t make the most of a well-earned night out.

New Yorkers have no excuse not to enjoy all the nightlife this city has to offer. 

Trust us, you will not regret staying out. Read on to find out why there's never a good reason to call it a night early in New York City. 

1. Dollar pizza

dennel Dollar slices in the Village. Teaching Aaron what real pizza is. #newyorkpizza #dollarslices #greenwichvillage #NYC

One of the most magical things about our city is the reliably delicious presence of cheap pizza. For a mere dollar you can dine on a delicious slice at any time of night, and there is no reason not to.

Keep yourself well fueled and ready on a night out and grab a slice, it is way tastier than it should be for just a dollar. The East Village is brimming with joints like these, and there is simply no better way to keep up your stamina.


Warm, cheesy, one dollar goodness trumps everything and will line your stomach for alcohol like a healthy dose of that pink fluffy fiberglass stuff. Save the limes for your gimlets.

2. The best stories happen late 

may6concepts Today I think it was medicinal too! #happysunday #lazyday #outtoolate #coffeelover

Everyone knows that the best stories happen late at night. When was the last time you sat around fondly reminiscing and sharing absurd/embarrassing stories of debauchery that ended at ten o’clock so everyone could get into bed at a decent hour?

That’s just not how it works. 

Make some damn memories, people! Let yourself act a little bit ridiculous. You spend all week being your work self and hustling, you might as well get a little loose and rowdy when you have the chance to.

Whatever that means to you, do it shamelessly and don’t give yourself a curfew.

3. You can stay in the neighborhood

Guys, there are so many bars, pubs, and clubs to explore in NYC that this seems nonsensical, but really, think about it. 

If you’re dragging yourself out into the world to socialize and be a human being who treats themselves to a proper weekend, this might be the best you can do. And there is nothing wrong with that!


Every part of this city has its own character and places that need to be seen and tasted. The beauty of this city is that there is most likely a few great places right in your own neighborhood that you have no excuse to overlook and stay at way too late. 

And just think, your apartment (and therefore your bed) will be close by for when you do eventually call it in.

4. You never know when you’ll meet someone interesting

x.isaa.xo #thatmindtho #interestingpeople? #greatminds #newthings #soulfulconnection

Whatever your stance on strangers (or just people in general) is, you have to admit that there are some pretty interesting individuals walking our streets on a regular basis.

There’s a curious trend of more and more interesting and eccentric people emerging as the night progresses, so you might as well capitalize on it. Late at night is when the B-list celebrities, off-off broadway stars, and pizza rats come out.


5. Late night karaoke

queennomes No truer words @treasadoorley #bohemianrhapsody #queen #latenightkaraoke #onthebeach #4thofjuly #memories

The thing about karaoke is that the drunker you are and the later it gets, the better you become at it. It exists as the bright beaming beacon of late nights that beckons you in to be the best song-belting version of yourself.


There are also unlimited opportunities to watch your friends make fools of themselves (or be baller, who knows?), or watch the general public take the mic with no inhibitions and not give a single sh*t in the best possible way. Karaoke, like a fine wine, only gets better as time passes.

6. You can always Uber or take a cab

9021lol #justfindme #uber #meme #funny

If you stay out late, not only will you never run out of places to go in NYC, but you can always count on a warm, quiet(ish) ride home in a cab if you need to expedite the process of laying down and getting comfortable.

Slide in, close your eyes for a quick nap, and before you know it you’ll be right at your door, ready to have some necessary quality time with your bed. There’s no reason not to stay out later when you know you can grab a cab back home without headache. Take advantage!

7. You can sleep when you’re dead

jkhealth 🙀 you know that you love what you do, when you are willing to give up your weekends for it 📚📁📇📝📍💬✒️✅🙇🏼 #girlboss #worklife #workingweekend #sleepwhenimdead #entrepreneur #create #write #nutritionist #health #inspiration #weekend #saturday #sunday #quoteoftheday #gotowork

That's just a fact; science, if you will. 


Don't go home. 

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