All of the Feels: 9 Reasons Why We Love Valentine's Day in NYC

Call us crazy, but we actually like Valentine's Day in New York City. Do you think we're crazy yet, or do you love Valentine's Day, too?

Okay, we know Valentine's Day has its pitfalls, and looking at it from the wrong angle can induce anxiety and loneliness.

We want to look at it from the right angle, though, which is to view it as a celebration of love. Plus, lots of candy and drinking. We're talking all the candy and drinking.

We love Valentine's Day because we love having an excuse to express our love to everyone we care about. No one thinks it's weird if you send out a loving mass text on Valentine's Day, or mail out some beautiful handmade Valentine's cards.

We also think the Valentine's Day movie and activity scene in NYC is fire. Read on to learn about the specifics.

1. It's an excuse to drink

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Like, a lot. Everyone drinks on Valentine's Day. If you're in a relationship, you drink to celebrate your relationship. If you're in a bad relationship, you drink to lament your lame relationship. 

If you're single, you drink to get through the day, or to make it fun. We know Valentine's Day is the second-most important day in the restaurant industry, but it doesn't get nearly enough credit for being an extremely important day for drinking. 


Also, Valentine's Day is on a Sunday this year, and since Monday is the next day after Sunday, it's a perfectly reasonable pretext to day drink.

Everyone knows day drinking is the absolute most fun, so, get after it. 

2. Everyone wants to get laid

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If you go out on Sunday night with a group of friends, you'll probably want to hook up, right? We mean, it's Valentine's Day and love is in the air.

If you're in a relationship, you're basically required to hook up on Valentine's Day. We mean, you're not required but you probably will, right?

Pro-tip for all of you people in relationships out there: hook up before you go out to dinner. That way, you'll be less tired, you'll feel sexier, and you'll feel free to have extra helpings of dessert. 

Also, dinner after you've gotten it on is pretty fun because you'll both be giggly and hopefully you'll have oxytocin swirling around in your brains.

3. The city holds events

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The city turns up for Valentine's Day. There are a ton of cool events going down in the city to celebrate love for Valentine's Day weekend.

Like, for instance, there's a free silent disco and ice carving festival happening in Central Park on Saturday, February 13th from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

There will be food trucks, live DJ's, trivia, and tons of wild dancing at that silent disco we mentioned.

There are also plenty of Valentine's Day concerts, the MoMA is hosting a romantic, private, guided tour complete with wine and hors d'oeuvres, and there are many more opportunities to check out burlesque shows than usual.

This all comes down to: if you were looking for a good weekend to get out about in NYC, Valentine's Day is an excellent opportunity to check out what the city's got to offer.

4. People throw Valentine's Day parties

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Are your friends hosting Valentine's Day parties? Ours are.

Like we mentioned earlier, everyone wants to get very buzzed at these Valentine's Day parties. Also, as we mentioned, people at these parties will probably be trying to hook up.


Whether they realize it or not, they're thinking much more about romance on Valentine's Day than they are on any other day. 

Either way, parties are a blast, and we appreciate Valentine's Day as just another reason to have a good old time taking part in some fun festivities. 

5. The movie scene is excellent

howtobesingle Didn’t get a rose?🌹Get a free pizza on us! Head to Twitter and tweet @HowToBeSingle with 🍕 + #HTBSPromotion & we’ll hook you up. @dakotajohnson @rebelwilson #LeslieMann #AlisonBrie

Last year, we had 50 Shades of Grey. Say what you will about the actual plot and logistics of the movie, we had our qualms with all that as well.

We have to admit though, the movie was sexy.

Last year, Dakota Johnson lit up the screen with her rendition of Anastasia Steele. This year, Dakota Johnson will be back, with Rebel Wilson, and what's even better for us is their film How to be Single takes place in NYC.

Of course, it's an incredible marketing idea to introduce a movie about being single on Valentine's Day weekend. You better believe we'll be seeing it.


6. The stuffed animal game is fire

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Are we really that into Duane Reade's Valentine's Day explosion? No, we're actually not that into it, but one thing we are cool with are those giant, fuzzy teddy bears.

We don't even really want one for ourselves, but it's charming to go into the store and snuggle with one.


We all hope our friends receive one, because then we can go over to their apartments and cuddle with their giant teddy bear and laugh at them because the bear is taking up so much room in their apartments.

Also, we really don't hate getting stuffed animals bought for us. The only thing better than receiving a Valentine's Day teddy bear on Valentine's Day? Buying one for someone else. If you're not dating anyone, buy one for your roommate. Trust us, it'll feel good.

7. The candy is bountiful 

bakingushappy I picked up a few Valentine's Day treats (for the kids). 😉 My local Dollar Tree & Target had a great selection of Gluten-Free & Tree Nut-Free goodies. My kids have always wanted to feel included in Holiday parties at school, so I send them with safe treats...and I enjoy a few myself. ❤️ #Valentinesday #valentinesdaycandy #allergyfriendly #treenutfree #glutenfree #classparty #foodallergy #allergykids #celiac #candy #treats #target #dollartree

The candy game on Valentine's Day is so on point. There are so many heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, the city will basically drown in them on Sunday the 14th.

Actually, we heard de Blasio is requiring by law that everyone eat a lot of candy on Valentine's Day to prevent the city from drowning in it.

We're kidding, he's not actually requiring that, but there are definitely more desserts on Valentine's Day than any other time of the year except, maybe Thanksgiving.

8. Everyone tells each other how they feel

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Did you do that thing in elementary school where you had to make Valentine's for everyone in the class, and everyone left a bag open on their desk and you walked around and passed Valentine's out?

Let's bring that back. Just because we're adults and we live in a busy city doesn't mean we can't take time to express our feelings to those we love.


Mass texts are fun, and by all means send out a giant "Happy Valentine's Day" mass text. We'll be disappointed in you if you don't.

However, it's even more fun if you take it a step further. Like if you hand craft Valentine's for people you love a lot, and mail it to them. We know, that sounds extreme, but it's actually really fun.

9. Gossip has never been more enticing

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Okay, blah, blah, blah gossip is lame and everything, but admit that gossiping is fun. If you don't secretly think that gossiping is at least a little fun, we don't really understand you.

There's always plenty to gossip about after Valentine's Day. Who made out with whom? Who is officially in a relationship now, and which long term hookup is now over because someone took Valentine's Day more seriously than the other one?

Which couples had Valentine's Day flops and which couples had Valentine's Day successes? 

Maybe we're going to hell, but all our conversations are so much more interesting post-Valentine's day.

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