New Year, New... Ugh: 6 Reasons Why January Is the Absolute Worst Month of the Year

Welcome to 2016, New Yorkers. 

Are you still reminiscing about how epic the end of your 2015 was? We hope so. Because if you haven't noticed, it's no longer the holiday season. It's time to get back to reality. 

Welcome to January: the Monday of months, the month where you realize that the season of overindulging is over and has left you broke, bloated, and burned out.

January really is the worst month of the year. You realize that you spent too much of your savings on gifts that people will probably never even use, or you threw a massive party and are left with the cleanup, repairs, and costs of alcohol and debauchery. 

Not only that, but everyone and their grandmothers are pushing healthy habits. You can't hit up Facebook or Twitter without someone talking about their "New Year: New You" regimen to get you in physical or financial shape in 2016.  

Look, we're all for some self-improvement, but after the gluttony of December, it's a pretty depressing month. Read on to find out why. 

1. No holidays


After the joyous, semi-controlled festive chaos of the holiday season, it's severely depressing to come out on the other side with stores replacing lights and little elves with pink and red hearts and chocolates in preparation for the WORST holiday of the year: Valentine's Day. 


Not only do you recognize that the season of overindulging is completely over for the year, but you also are left with the unfortunate realization that you have no upcoming days off, unless you get MLK day off, in which case, we're severely jealous.  

2. Post holiday depression


'Tis the season to regret that extra cup (or 6) of eggnog and stuffing your face with your third helping of bread pudding before spending the last of your savings on your New Year's Eve blowout party. 

"New Year, New You" actually means a broke, hungover, bloated you that's fifteen pounds heavier than 2015. Welcome to 2016. 

3. New Year's resolutions


You've made them and broke them in the past, but this year you're determined to keep up with your resolutions to become a six-pack-ab'd vegan who volunteers their time more and tries to advance their lives with meditation and yoga-- which you sign up for with your first paycheck of the month. 


Come January 31st, you'll still be the same, overweight carnivore who blew all of their money on a hot yoga membership before realizing that you may die of heat exhaustion and/or tear every muscle in your body attempting to shape yourself into a pretzel. Just don't make resolutions. 


4. Its cold


So we really do love the snow. It's beautiful, pure, and just plain fun. What we don't like? When it's 12˚F when we wake up in the morning and the streets are as bare as bones. 


The only thing that makes this cold worth it is a fine dusting of powder on the sidewalks, but we can't even have that. Nope, the cold in January is just bitter. 

5. You're broke


Remember all the overindulging and fun of the holiday season? Remember blowing all of your cash on holiday gifts or parties? Welcome to January. The month where you *literally* cannot afford anything but Cup Noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So much for those resolutions to eat healthier.

Oh, and that social life? Pretty much non-existent due to the fact that all of your friends are pretty much in the same boat as you. Some may be even doing a dryuary (or dry January) in order to give their livers a break. You're partaking in it simply due to financial necessity. 

6. It's break up month


Is it just us or is everyone either breaking up or getting engaged? Everyone who isn't flipping through The Knot Magazines is probably digging out that last tub of Ben & Jerry's that's probably expired, but you can't afford another one. Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Maybe you visited their parents over the holidays and you absolutely hated them. Maybe your New Year's Eve ended in tears and a missed kiss. Or maybe you just wanted to receive a gift from someone and now you can't stand their guts. Whatever it is, so many people break up in January. 


Yet, now that you're single and ready to mingle, you realize that you're broke, and cannot, in fact mingle. January just downright sucks. 

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