Can't. Hardly. Wait. 9 Reasons We're Excited for Springtime in NYC

Now that we're nearing the end of winter in New York City, we're starting to think retrospectively around here.

We're starting to reminisce about the winter that was, the winter that could have been, and the winter that still could be. If you're yearning to get yourself out there and into some winter activities, there's still time for that.

However, if you're as sick and tired of the slushy, freezing, horrible winter as we are, you should take a look forward with us.

Yes, we're proposing a look towards the springtime. 

We're proposing dreams of those strolls outside in dresses and sitting outside at restaurants.


We're proposing twirling around the city, completely in bliss, because the trees are blooming and they look so gorgeous. 

Yeah, so if you haven't figured it out yet, we're excited for spring in NYC. As for when it will actually come around? Haven't a clue. But we're keeping an eye on it using the Poncho weather app

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Read on to find out why we're so excited about springtime in NYC.

1. Chilling outside

nyctravelmagazine There's nothing like a pop of color in Central Park to brighten your #humpday ! Summer is just around the corner, but for now we are happy to enjoy beautiful spring days like this 👌🏻 #nyc #nycspringtime #centralpark #visitnewyorkcity #yellow #happyhumpday PC: @what_i_saw_in_nyc

Guess what? Once it's springtime and the weather starts getting lovely, all the snow and ice melts, and the flowers start to spring, it's actually not painful to be outside!

You probably noticed today that being outside was painful. You were probably shivering, and you probably had to jam your hands in your coat pockets to keep them from falling off.


Well, once we hit late March and early April, being outside won't just be about getting to a different place. You won't only be outside until you get inside.

Instead, you can languish outside. You can take your time getting to your next destination. You can be outside just because sometimes it's nice to be outside. 

Doesn't that sound lovely?

2. Roof decks

excelbradshaw West Village Rooftop + Views #nyc #nycrealestate #nyccoop #nycpropertymanager #nycpropertymanagement #empirestatebuilding #lookingnorth #realestate #nycroofdeck #roofdeck #nycwestvillage #houstonstreet #nycgarden #roofgarden #nycroof #westvillage #westvillagerealestate

The luckiest among us have been blessed with apartments with roof access, to varying degrees of sketchiness. 

If you have to climb through a window and up a ladder to get to your roof, you're pretty sketchy, and if you have your own set of stairs that lead to your own deck, you're pretty un-sketchy. 

Anyway, since it's been freezing outside, we've all essentially lost these wonderful aspects of our apartments, these outdoor living rooms that so enhance our lives.

If you did brave the weather to hang out on your roof deck, you probably went inside as soon as you could. When spring comes, it's like you've gotten back a whole room in your apartment. Except, an outdoor one with wonderful views of the city.

3. Hanging out in parks

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Guess what? NYC has more than 1,700 parks, playgrounds, and recreation facilities across the five boroughs.

There are wetlands, woodlands, and skating rinks. There are also lovely areas to hang out outside amongst trees, rivers, and lakes, and guess what: they're not all named Central Park.

These public spaces are sacred in this city, especially because our apartments are all so tiny

During winter, we're all cooped up inside these tiny apartments. We lose all the public places we don't have to pay to be in.

Needless to say, we're very stoked to have our parks back during the spring.

4. Picnics #nyc #nyclove #nycview #nycscape #nycliving #niceweather #nycbuildings #nycpicnics #picnic #wiliamsburg #breeze #brooklyn #bestfriend #love #landscape #longtermrelationships #likemystatusifyouthinkwerecute #brunch #sundayfunday

Remember those parks we mentioned?

Well, sometimes we pack portable food and carry it to these parks, and lay everything out. Then, we munch hard in these gorgeous parks.


Do we pack our own picnics, or bring takeout? 

Well, when you're a New Yorker and you have such plentiful access to so many beautiful parks, you do both. If you're not the kind of person who's into cooking, you bring takeout to the parks. It's a foolproof plan.

5. Walking beside the rivers

bestworldpics I ❤ NY Photo by @fullmetalphotography #landscape#view#love#cute#style#colorful#sunset#life#green#water#white#instagood#hot#blue#igdaily#black#amazing#picoftheday#photooftheday#photographer#awesome#happy#earth#art#snapshot#europe#america#asia#africa#vsco

The rivers are super gorgeous, and when it's lovely outside, we love to jog, bike, and even just stroll beside them.

During winter we could glance at them briefly while tucking our face inside our coats because we're freezing cold, but we're definitely not going to be going for many riverside strolls while it's subzero temperatures outside.

In fact, once it's starts to get nice out, walking anywhere becomes so much more lovely. However, the loss of riverside strolls during the winter is a grievous loss, and we're always stoked to get them back every spring.


6. Eating outside at restaurants

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There are so many NYC restaurants with lovely outdoor seating areas. These restaurants are decorated with plants and spacious, and are sometimes set out right in the most gorgeous parts of the city, with the most spectacular views of the skyline.

During the winter, we have to sadly trudge past all these lovely looking outdoor seating areas into the indoor seating areas.


When we look up a restaurant on Yelp, we have to ignore the information about the lovely back patio.

In spring, we won't have to ignore that information. We'll be able to laugh with our friends, munch on a sandwich, and down a glass of wine on that back patio, all the while not even wearing a sweatshirt or anything.

7. Not wearing coats

mmw0704 Central Park North #nyc #centralpark #centralparknorth #nycspringtime

Wearing coats out is the biggest buzzkill of winter. During the winter, you have to put on a big puffy coat to go to the bar, and then when you get there, you have to hold it all night long.

Sure, having the Poncho weather app to let us know if and what kind of jacket we need before we even step foot outdoors is helpful, but still; coats totally suck. 


If you do decide to hang it up on a hook at the bar, you have to spend the whole night stressing about whether someone's going to steal it. Hint: they probably will steal it.

In spring, you don't have to wear a coat to the bar. You can, gloriously, just wear the clothes you want to spend your night in. It's beautiful.

8. Blooming trees

thereallife_rd You belong among the wildflowers // You belong in a boat out at sea // You belong with your love on your arm // You belong somewhere you feel free. // tom petty #happyheart #centralpark #springinnyc

Yeah, we're talking about the cherry blossom trees at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. We're talking about the beautiful flowered trees at the New York Botanical Garden. We're talking about the trees on your street.

Anyone who says NYC has a lack of trees hasn't strolled these streets in the springtime, right as the trees are blooming. It's unbelievable to witness. It's all-encompassing.


It's a sight to behold, and the trees' beauty will definitely flood through you and fill you with wonder about being alive. They'll also definitely bring a smile to your face.

9. Food

hungrylittlenomad Manhattan skyline views while eating our way through Brooklyn's Smorgasburg, a sampling of all of NYC's best foodie finds #redhooklobster #mainelobster #brioche #mightyquinns #beefbrisket #market #streetfood #manhattanviews #smorgasburg #brooklyn #travel #foodlover

Okay, we know we already talked about eating outside at restaurants, but this is something different.

Don't you miss NYC's outdoor food festivals? Food trucks? How about stopping at one of NYC's stellar ice cream parlors, snagging a cone, and strolling the city while licking it?

Yeah, that sounds incredibly lovely to us, too. We've been longing for ice cream and strolling all winter long. Hey spring, could you hurry up and get here, please?

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