Bringin' People to the Water: Everything You Need to Know About Brooklyn's One°15 Marina

When people think "New York City", they don't typically think "waterfront." Although NYC boasts 520 miles of coastline, it's rarely thought of as a nautical location; quite the opposite, actually. 

But that's precisely what the folks at the ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina are working to change. 

"New Yorkers make a big effort to make the waterways more comfortable for recreational boaters," Estelle Lau, ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina's Deputy CEO, says. 

"In the past, it [New York Harbor] has not been a welcoming place to come, and I think that New York is very welcoming to begin with."

One°15 Brooklyn Marina is a business unit of Singapore-based SUTL Enterprise, which manages the prestigious ONE°15 Marina Club located on Sentosa Cove. 

The marina introduced to Singapore waterfront lifestyle living and is the centerpiece to the residential and commercial development on Sentosa Island, Singapore.

Chairman Arthur Tay saw an opportunity to bring similar developments to New Yorkers who might not be taking full advantage of their waterfront access. 

Lau says, "[Tay] has a real passion for providing accessibility to all different communities, whether it's small community boating programs to school children or recreational boaters of all types. He saw a lot of similarities between Singapore and New York: lots of water and very little access to it. With Brooklyn Bridge Park coming in, he thought 'what a great project.'"

This year, the Brooklyn Marina will be hosting the 2016 Atlantic Cup, the United States’ premier and only dedicated Class 40 sailing race. 


The event will take place from May 31st to June 4th. 

"We've been very careful to pick events that we really feel represent the breadth of interest that we have as a Marina," says Lau. 

"It's a multi-day event showcasing sailing at all different levels. It's not just professional sailing, and it's also not just children. It's recreational boaters who can be interested and participate at a very professional level, while still just being regular people in the neighborhood." 

The Brooklyn Marina is truly working to bridge the gap between New Yorkers and the water that surrounds them; a relationship that has been largely ignored for some time. 

Sustainability and environmental awareness is also a huge part of the marina's mission, as well as the Atlantic Cup, presented by 11th Hour Racing. 11th Hour Racing works to advance solutions and sustainable practices, while integrating ocean stewardship into the values of every sailing team, class, and series, and beyond.

Since inception, the Cup has been the U.S.’ most environmentally sustainable sailing race and has been the U.S.’ first fully carbon neutral sailing race since 2012. 

Their dedication to the sustainability effort is nothing short of impressive. The race has implemented regulations such as: replacing single-use water bottles with Zip2Water filling stations, the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products, recycling stations at all events, printing all materials on recycled paper or in a manner that allows for more than single-use, and calculating their carbon footprint post-race. 

Lau emphasizes that the marina is proud to host events such as The Atlantic Cup that support their mission. She says, "It's really about educating people, bringing people to the water, not only to enjoy it but to understand how to take care of it." 



And it only gets better. 

We have partnered with The Atlantic Cup to giveaway 2 tickets aboard one of the competing boats in The Atlantic Cup Pro-Am race that's going down on June 2nd. 

The lucky winner and their guest will get to experience what it's like aboard a Class 40 boat while racing around the New York Harbor and catching stunning views of Manhattan. 

The winner and their guest will also meet up with 4 of their friends, who will get the chance to watch the race from a chase boat, and meet up at the post-race cocktail party with VIP access! 

Sounds pretty amazing, right? 

Enter below for the chance to experience what will undoubtedly be one of the best events of the summer. 


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