In a world where Cronuts and their knock-off counterparts are the subject of mass hysteria, the most recent recipe rip-off is sure to cause quite a stir.

We're New Yorkers. We don't dig fake sh*t. 

We keep our OG creations sacred, especially when it comes to losing New York City staples in favor of cookie-cutter chain stores. We're not down with that. 

Red Robin just rolled out their own version of the Ramen Burger this past weekend. 

Cue the groans!

The national burger chain's version features a patty with teriyaki and aioli, chili-infused slaw, and fresh basil nestled between two pieces of crispy ramen noodles. 

Now, when something as seemingly sacred as the Ramen Burger gets picked up by small-town chumps like Red Robin, you think there'd be a huge uproar, especially from its braindad. 

But no. 


The Ramen Burger's original creator, Keizo Shimamoto, is apparently cool with the whole thing, but wants to make sure people know that he had exactly 0% involvement in the franchise's new creation. 

Shimamoto's representative had this to say: "Ramen Burger is not just a burger, it's a global brand. Many restaurants from the corner ramen shop to national burger chains have tried to imitate it, but have failed. Ramen Burger is an embodiment of Keizo's vision and passion, which can never be replicated." 


It seems to like Shimamoto sees Red Robin as a little sister trying to copy their style: cute, but not a threat. 

Nevertheless, Red Robin is supposedly only offering the item for a limited time, so get em' while you can. Or don't. We won't judge. 

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[via GrubStreet] 

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