Remember all the awesome food concoctions you tried at Smorgasburg?

Well, probably not, but you definitely remember the rain drop cake, and you should certainly remember Wowfulls

But, if nothing else, you remember Ramen Burger. Well, big news, New Yorkers. That tasty AF delicacy is posting up in Queens. 

Keizo Shimamoto, the creator of the Ramen Burger, will be opening The Ramen Shack in his central kitchen in Long Island City.

Located on 13-13 40th avenue, the Shack will serve new ramen creations along with the ever-famous Ramen Burger―a hamburger with ramen buns (if you didn't already know).

According to the Long Island City Post, Shimamoto’s restaurant will seat only 10 people and will feature some cool creations.

“They can look forward to special creations,” he says, “and if something comes to me that day I can just make it, so people can try something new every time they come in.”

Shimamoto opened his restaurant Ramen Co. in the financial district back in 2014, and another in Los Angeles, both of which unfortunately closed and left the public ramenless.


But, despite its appearance in 2013, the Ramen Burger is still a huge hit each weekend at Smorgasburg, as many of you know.


The Shack will open next month. SEE YOU THERE. 

[via Eater] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]