You know what they say, April showers brings May...more showers? Ugh. 

If people are saying that, punch someone or something. Like, in the face. 

Remember a few weeks ago, when it was sunny and warm and we all walked around without jackets like blissful idiots? 

We were young. We were foolish. We had so much to learn.

Unfortunately, the gray, constant drizzle we've been experiencing lately won't be going anywhere anytime soon. 

Temperatures today and tomorrow are expected to remain in the 50s and lower 60s, with continual, steady rain and overcast skies. 


The showers will let up slightly mid-week, but will continue sporadically through Saturday. It'll also begin to warm up a bit towards the end of the week, possibly even hitting the 70s by the weekend. 

Apparently, this shittastic weather promises to let up a bit by next week, but we're not holding our breath.

Of course, this immediately raises the question: What about your Cinco de Mayo Booze Cruise, spoiled NYC?! 

Don't worry. It's a big boat. With an interior and plenty of space for party people. Also, there's booze. And it's only a 20% chance of rain on Thursday, so who knows?! We don't. But we're down to party. We'll see you there. 

In the meantime, yes, sidewalk umbrella man, we'll take one, please.

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[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Supmenow]