Driving over any of the New York City bridges has been an eyesore for quite some time. But coming relatively soon, we might be seeing a long overdue renovation.

Best part is that it’ll bring you back to your Mario Kart racing days with the homage to Rainbow Road.

Seven bridges operated by the MTA will soon be covered in blinking, color-changing lights that’ll compete with the skyline, according to Governor Cuomo.

Oh Cuomo. You and your makeovers.

We’ve heard about his plan before, which also includes plans to install advanced cameras and sensors to be installed at structurally sensitive points on bridges and tunnels. The sensors will read license plates and also employ facial recognition technology.

That same technology will then be tied in with the same systems at airports and transportation hubs.

But forget the feel of Minority report and enjoy the new lights!

As stated on TimeOut NY, the LED lights are set to be installed later this month. Governor Cuomo discussed the sparkly new addition to the cityscape at a press conference earlier this week.

“We’re illuminating all the bridges in New York City with different-colored lights, and the bridges can then be coordinated and choreographed to music,” said Cuomo.


“So literally, you’ll have bridges all across the New York City area that are choreographed. Nothing like this have been done on the planet... Imagine New York Harbor, with all those bridges, and all of it choreographed.”

I mean, that’s great if you can see it from the helicopter, but we just want the lights and to be able to jam out in our cars as we leave from work amirite?


We can’t wait for it to open up and have our own Rainbow Road in and out of NYC, but we’re skeptical of the other features.

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Pinterest]