Yes, New York City is serious about its bagels. It's a serious business for serious people. 

So when we heard that The Bagel Store on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn was selling rainbow bagels, we went kind of insane.

Think about it: Rainbow bagels are the combination of some of our most delicious, favorite foods made with some of the most beautiful colors. It's a culinary mashup straight out of a dream. 

Our point being, basically, we're hyped on them. They're a swirl of pretty colors topped with a schmear of fun-fetti cream cheese, so, how could we not be hyped on them?

Are you curious how these bagels are made? We were too. Then, we saw the video below, created by INSIDER Food.

After we watched the video, we no longer wondered how they were made. We were enthralled by the doughy, colorful process, and we couldn't stop watching.

Watching the dough get sculpted, twisted, and pounded into its rainbow glory is oddly satisfying. First of all, because it looks like play dough. Second of all, watching a knife slice through all the colorful dough is relaxing.


The best part of the whole video? Watching the final product emerge. These bagels have us wanting to spring ourselves onto the subway to get one right now.

Watch the video below to uncover for yourself the mystery of how to make rainbow bagels.

Brooklynites are losing their minds over this spectacular rainbow bagel.

Posted by INSIDER food on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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[via Insider FOOD]