Check Out This Live Stream Video of Snowstorm Jonas Right Outside Radio City Music Hall

If you're pretty much anywhere in the Northeast, this morning you woke up to snow. Lots of snow.

We've already prepped you lots for today's blizzard, right? 

There's been this essentials to surviving a snowed in NYC weekend, we've talked about the struggles of being snowed in, and have even covered why all of this snow is not that bad (cue the applause of Netflix binge-watchers everywhere). 

But if you want to check out a live stream video of how Midtown Manhattan looks right this second, check out the video below, courtesy of the folks over at the New York Post


(And P.S., if you need start to get a case of cabin fever, check out the best outdoor NYC spots to enjoy all of this wonderful snow-- but don't venture outside until tomorrow, will ya please?) 

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