Despite emblazoning "I <3 NY" on every plastic bag and tourist as they leave our city, it has recently come to our attention that a few of us do not indeed actually "heart" NY.

A new Quinippiac poll polled 1,138 New Yorkers broken down by demographics like race, age, borough, and political affiliation.

The study concluded that 32% of the surveyed said that if they could leave, they would. 

Okay, so we'd like to point out that considering the number of people included in the study, this represents under 400 individual New Yorkers out of the over 8 million people living in the 5 boroughs, so that's not exactly a reliable sample size.

But it's interesting to think about how polarizing this city can be. Nobody is just like "eh" about NYC. You either grumble at all the rats, $10 BECs, and hipsters, or walk around with hearts in your eyes– sometimes both in one day.

As reported by the Village Voice, politics seemed to play a notable role in the survey's results. 53% of Democrats checked off "somewhat satisfied" in comparison with 26% of Republicans (sorry the Hamilton boycott didn't work out for you) and 41% of independent voters.

The Voice also notes that the majority of conservative respondents live on Staten Island though, so we can't really blame them for being less than "satisfied."

Just throwing this out there though, if the president elect says that people who burn flags should have their citizenship revoked– can we throw out disloyal "New Yorkers?" or nah?


JK JK, okay? But in all fairness, it's easy for us to be like, "You don't like it here? FINE. Then get out!" but that's completely ignoring how hard it is to actually move places. If you can barely afford New York (so like, all of us), then you might not have money for a big move, either.

Also, there's a huge difference between saying you want to leave and actually doing it. Just ask like every liberal celebrity that didn't move out of the country on November 9th.


The poll's assistant director, Maurice Carroll, also cites, "We do like to gripe," in explanation. He also notes that despite those who want to jump ship, 40% reported that NYC's quality of life is good or real good.

If you're curious, you can check out the data for yourself here.

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