Quiet Clubbing Isn't Really What You Think 🎧🤘🏼😎 | spoiled NYC

Shhhhhh, Listen Up: Quiet Clubbing Isn't Really At All What You Think 🎧🤘🏼😎

Summer in New York City brings exciting new experiences and great live music. Never being one to slip into mediocrity, the city showcases original and thrilling opportunities that aren’t found anywhere else.

Quiet Clubbing is a unique sound and performance experience where partygoers can sing out loud and dance to their own beat while listening to three live DJs streamed through wireless, LED colored headphones.

What to expect? Hundreds of partiers dancing, singing, socializing and never leaving the dance floor, as they control the genre and volume level of the music they’re listening to.

The Quiet Clubbing Festival is coming to the Coney Art Walls on Saturday, September 15th for a one-of-a-kind headphone experience with six DJs and three separate channels of music playing simultaneously.

The headphones have a switch that controls which channel you tune into. Three different colored lights help identify which channel people are listening to. It works as a perfect icebreaker, helping people to connect, and potentially leading you to your newest friend!

Wondering what this party sounds like? Bad karaoke. All the guests are singing along to the newest hits and throwbacks as if nobody's listening!

Some might say that a quiet event sounds boring and antisocial, but all of that changes once you put on the headphones, tune into a DJ, and let the music take control.

 It works as a perfect icebreaker, helping people to connect, and potentially leading you to your newest friend!

Socializing is never easier than at a Quiet Event. With DJs jumping into the crowd to start conga lines your experience becomes even more interactive. Also, there’s no hoarse voice the next morning because you had to yell over the music all night.

Quiet Events knows that having multiple selections of music at the same time and keeping the door open on how to connect with one another, makes for a new and awesome type of festival.

Are you ready to experience an entirely unique event, Quiet Clubbing Festival 2018, at Coney Art Walls? See you there on Saturday, September 15th! 

Need some more convincing? Check out this video below that explains what quiet clubbing is way better than we ever could. 

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