Choose Your DJ: Quiet Clubbing Festival Comes to Coney Island This Month 🎧🎶💃

New York City is about to experience a seismic shift in the music festival landscape, and get this, it’s QUIET. At first thought, quiet and music festivals don’t exactly go together, but there’s more at play than meets the ear. 

Quiet Events, a brand that aims to deliver three musical experiences in one, hosts their Quiet Clubbing Festival 2018 at the Coney Art Walls on Saturday, September 15. 

But how can a music festival be quiet? It’s because all of the music is funneled through specially-designed headphones. Using a switch on the headphones, the attendee is able to change between three channels of music depending on what DJ and genre they want to hear.

Quiet Events, a brand that delivers three musical experiences in one, hosts Quiet Clubbing Festival 2018 at the Coney Art Walls on Saturday, September 15th. 

Each channel has a designated color (green, red and blue), so you are able to look around and see who is tuned in to the same artist as you. Tired of the Green DJ? You have two more to choose from!

With 3 live DJs battling for your attention, this event becomes more than just a music festival; it’s an experience like no other.

In the crowd, among headphones lit up with green, red, and blue, there will be a mix of people singing along and dancing to completely different songs. This may inspire you to switch to that channel and join another person.


The Green DJ will be bumping Top 40 Dance/EDM hits, the Red will be jamming to 90s and 2000s throwbacks, while the Blue will be spinning Hip Hop, R&B, and Caribbean tunes.

Meeting people at a silent disco party is easy: no yelling over the music; just take off your headphones and have a normal conversation.

Quiet Events is ready to unite Brooklyn with a fun, colorful, and unique party experience where you can be a part of changing the New York festival landscape, adding something new and exciting into the mix.

Amid all of the opportunities in the city, this is unlike any other. Don’t miss the chance to learn more and be a part of something fresh. So, you in? Grab your tickets here.