Throne Been Watched: Queens International Night Market Is Coming Back Next Saturday!

You need to clear every Saturday night in October right NOW and DON'T make dinner plans. Why, you ask?

The Queens International Night Market returns on Saturday, October 8th, at 6pm for a Halloween season of arts, crafts and brand new food vendors.

As reported by Time Out, the market ran from April 23rd to August 20th to provide people of New York City with the yummiest street food on their summer evenings. 

So why the month long break? 

Well, it turns out Queens is home to many tourist attractions and hidden NYC gems; so apparently some really big tennis tournament was in town and was occupying Corona Park for the past month.

So what can you expect? Let's start with the most important part: FOOD.

Warning: you may drool at your desk at work!

Just to name a few of the vendors: 

-House of Mac with some bomb a** mac and cheese

-Sam's Fried Ice Cream with, duh, fried ice cream, 

-JaeNYC's bringing their gourmet, wait for it―TWINKIES, 

-Bridgeport Lobster and Shellfish with some soul-warming clam chowder and lobster bisque. 


COUNT US IN... are you drooling yet?


Next on the list: the price. This market is definitely a date option. Who doesn't want good food and a million distractions on their first date? Yeah we agree. The prices for all the vendors cap off at about $6, they want you to enjoy the food and hang out. Sounds ideal!

[via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy Events Droid] 

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