Queens Boulevard: it is not the same as it always was. Over the years, Queens Boulevard morphed into more of a highway than the livable, residential street it needed to be.

In fact, it's nickname became the "Boulevard of Death"-- as 38 pedestrians and cyclists were killed while traveling in the 12 to 16 lanes of traffic between 2003 and 2013, and 450 people suffered severe injuries.

As a result of Vision Zero, Mayor de Blasio designated $100 million dollars  to transform the street into a place where people could feel safe walking and biking, and comfortable with the Boulevard as a part of their environment.

The renovation is 1.3 miles long, and it's the result of community planning, workshopping, and hearing back from the community about what they needed changed about the Boulevard.

The changes have already made huge improvements to the quality of life of those that liver near Queens Boulevard in the $100 million effort to humanize the Boulevard.

The video below, created by Streetfilms and recently highlighted by Viewing NYC, takes the Boulevard block by block with Deputy Commissioner Ryan Russo, explaining what the city's done to make the road more livable, pedestrian friendly, and less dangerous.

If you're curious about the difference between Queens Boulevard before its revamp and Queens Boulevard afterward, you should watch the video below.


The video is definitely illuminating about what's already been updated, and what still will be updated. 

We think this is all great. We're very into situations when the city takes a close look at its methods of transportation, and makes them safer and more pedestrian friendly. 

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[via Viewing NYC]