There's a Puppy Prom Coming to NYC Because There Is Still Good Left in This World

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As if New Yorkers weren't already obsessed with their dogs, we're now getting a dog prom. Yeah, we

According to TimeOut NY, Puppy Prom 2017: Diamonds and Bow Ties is coming to Manhattan on June 10th. 

I guess if you never got that cute cheerleader to accept your promposal, this time around won't be as embarrassing, since your four-legged date can't say no. 

Although going to a prom with your dog might top that high school embarrassment.

How much more absurd could this get you ask? There'll be a king and queen canine couple announced. That's how absurd. 

Not only will there be a hot and cold buffet (and dog treats of course), but a raffle and lip sync battle. Ironically, they'll have a portion of the event dedicated to photographing the pups as they make their way down a catwalk.

The good thing about this puppy prom is that some of the proceeds will go towards a non-profit rescue organization. That might make this whole thing worth it in our opinion.

minniemachine 🚨Cutest couple alert 🚨 Had the prettiest date @princess_lucyloo at #LeosBirthdayProm πŸŽ©πŸ‘‘ #prom #dogprom #promdate #bestdressed

So, if you have the balls (since your furry friend doesn't) to make a fool out of yourself and your pet at this puppy prom, we have hella respect for you. 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Buzzfeed] [via Time Out NY]