The End Is Nigh! Beloved Soho Bar, Puck Fair, Will Close for Good at the End of March

There really isn't such a thing as staying power in New York City. 

People, places, and things explode onto the scene and linger for a while, a decade if you're lucky, but rarely do we ever find ourselves getting too invested in one particular spot. 

You don't want to get too attached. Breaking up is hard to do. The first cut is the deepest. Love hurts. Love bites. Love totally sucks. Whatever. You get used to it. 

But we're not so sure we're ready to say goodbye to the popular Soho bar set to close up shop at the end of the month: Puck Fair

They've been around for 16 years, but their demise was somewhat foretold nearly three years ago when Eater reported the owners of the building and the adjacent gas station had filed an application with the Landmark Preservation Commission to knock down all of the buildings to build a new one. 

None of the buildings involved were officially recognized as landmarks, but the site falls into the Soho-Cast Iron District, so LPC approval was much needed. 

Since that announcement, again, nearly three years ago, Puck Fair's lease has been month-to-month.


 Now, it looks like time has run out. The plans we feared are coming to fruition. 

A developer has decided to break ground on an 80,000-square-foot luxury retail and office building later this month. 

Again, we know better than to get too attached to bars and restaurants in NYC. Nothing lasts forever, but that's more painfully evident here than anywhere else.

As for the bar? Well, they're having a farewell party on Friday, March 25th serving up drink specials and live music. 

So, instead of spending three hours watching Batman fight Superman in 4DX, head over to get one last good drink at Puck FairRIP. 

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[via Eater] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]