It's no secret that we practically salivate at the thought of rooftop access here in NYC. 

We're here for rooftop farms. Camping on rooftops! And drinking on rooftops! And drinking on rooftops that are also on the waterfront! And hanging out at a garbage dump that's on a rooftop! 

Okay, the last one is fake but can we say we'd 100% not be down? No.

As experts on the topic, we also know that the only thing better than a rooftop view in NYC, is a rooftop view in Brooklyn overlooking NYC.

So unsurprisingly, we are PSYCHED about this brand new public garden on the roof of the recently finished William Vale Hotel at 111 North 12th Street. 

Perched atop the 23-story building, you'll be able to see the entire Manhattan skyline, in case you weren't sure just how extremely gorgeous this view was gonna be. 

We are def excited that we can go add some snaps to our Instagram feeds for free but that's not to say we wouldn't consider dropping down a floor to Westlight, the hotel bar, for a glass of vino. Just saying.


Also, according to TimeOut, the garden will be open to the public 24 hours a day. Score!

[via TimeOut] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]