PTSD Awareness Day - Facing and Understanding PTSD 🙁👁🗣

To be visible is to be seen; to be seen is to be taken in; to be taken in is the acknowledgment of existence, and that existence can be subject to opinion or action. So how do we bring visibility to something that is invisible? How can we fight for something we can’t see?


Understanding that life exists in what we can and can’t see. Understanding can and will bring things to light so that they can be compassionately and empathetically dealt with.

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Today is PTSD Awareness Day. It is a time to use empathy and understanding to bring this disorder to light. The only way to advocate is to be willing to learn and then do the work so that you can be properly informed.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is defined by the National Center for PTSD as a mental health problem that some develop after experiencing or witnessing a life-threatening event - combat, a natural disaster, a car accident, sexual assault, etc. What this, albeit comprehensive definition, doesn’t tell you is that PTSD, like other mental disorders, isn’t one size fits all. Everyone doesn’t experience same symptoms and it doesn’t necessarily manifest itself in the same way. What may trigger someone may not necessarily trigger someone else. Unfortunately, what makes this disorder difficult to deal with is that it depends on the individuals it takes root in.

If you are currently suffering, think you may be suffering, or know someone who may be suffering, there is hope. The following are resources that you or a loved one can access for treatment or diagnosis:

Mental disability is invisible. Like a shadow, it can follow us around while society remains oblivious to its existence. Speaking out, crying out, or trying to self-advocate can feel like you are screaming into a room full of people that don’t hear you. It is so easy to feel like you are totally alone. While it may feel like the darkness is all consuming and the world is flipping the light switch, there is hope.

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You are never alone and there are accessible resources to help you. Acknowledging you need or want help isn’t a sign of weakness. There is no strength in self-isolation or fear. Real strength lies within the will to take your life back, within the knowledge that there is hope, and the courage to ask for help. Let this day not only be a reminder that PTSD exists, rather there are tools available to help you.

And above all, you are not alone.  

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