Bye, bye brown bags...hello sippy cups?!  

That's right.  The newest food venue in Grand Central Station, Prova Pizzabar, is now offering―wait for it―ADULT SIPPY CUPS.  

Never grow up!

As reported by TimeOut, the restaurant has a full liquor license and is using it to all its ability. You can now purchase fully-packaged cocktails and wines to-go.  

Talk about a great ride home!

But you're going to want to pair that cocktail with something a little more substantial, and Prova, once again, has you covered. 

Owner, Donatella Arpaia (who is also a judge on Iron Chef), supplies commuters and tourists with the pizza choices beyond your imagination.


Some of the insanely good choices are: your classic Margherita, a seasonal pizza which features pumpkin puree, guanciale and rosemary, and the self titled Pizza Prova, a truffle burrata with cherry tomatoes, fresh arugula and prosciutto di parma.

Mouth watering yet?  Leave work a few minutes early and pick up a slice and drink.  Happy commuting!

[via TimeOut]  [Feature Image Courtesy Prova Pizzabar]