We're not going to lie, we were pretty repulsed when Prosperity Dumpling closed because of cockroaches this past summer.

It was especially devastating given that we actually love dumplings, and consider dumplings a major staple of our diets.

We're not going to lie: we did love Prosperity Dumpling while it lived, though, so when we heard it was coming back, we were both excited and slightly skeptical.

The good news? Prosperity Dumpling is coming back, but at a new location. Cockroaches be gone!

According to the Bowery Boogie, Prosperity Dumpling is coming back at 265 Broome Street. Which is great news for everyone who spent the last six months pining after their pork fried dumplings and sesame pancakes.

Prosperity Dumpling's official Yelp page read "temporary closed" until a few days ago, and held the promise to reopen on February 23rd.

Now, there hasn't been official confirmation that 265 Broome Street will be Prosperity Dumpling's new home, but, uh, their large wall ornament that used to hang in their old location was seen on the ground outside 265 Broome Street. Spotted!


Now, there are those who say this is a real estate downgrade, since Prosperity Dumpling more or less ruled the dumpling scene in Chinatown until August.

They were felled by a photograph that revealed their back-alley preparation methods conducted in the presence of rats which, obviously, is upsetting.

The Department of Health subsequently investigated, and closed on the grounds of a cockroach infestation.

jr0cc Amazed at the crack dumplings that this little shop produces.. And they hella cheap too! #prosperitydumplings #ny #gastrotourism

Here's the deal: When Prosperity Dumpling does reopen, we're not going to be one of the first at the door with our palms outstretched. We don't feel like our trust was treated with care.

Still, those who missed the dumplings a lot will probably be stoked about that news. If you miss the dumplings too much to wait, check out their counterpart at 69 Clinton Street, C & C Prosperity Dumpling.

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[via Bowery Boogie] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]