"Between making sure the nanny gets Barnaby and Sebastian to the Learning Academy on time, attending meetings for the the Society for Children Without Access to Responsibly Grown Chia Seeds, and telling people I'm a vegan every 16 minutes, how am I supposed to chop my own organic vegetables!"

Fret no more, fictional but probably realistic depiction of a New York Socialite Lady! ...Or just a really lazy Brooklynite, to be all-inclusive.

The new Bryant Park Whole Foods that opened last weekend boasts a Produce Butcher station.

That's right. It's a butcher for vegetables. You can pay to have someone chop your vegetables for you.

If this doesn't seem ridiculous to you, congratulations, you are probably the target clientele. 

The $1 chopping service fee is worth it to maintain the appearance that your kitchen has never been cooked in.

Bring your fresh produce to the butcher station to have it expertly chopped, diced, sliced, minced, or julienned and ready to cook!


Okay yeah, fine, it's kind of cool (don't make us say it again).

So all my little vegan and vegetarian pals, if you can squeeze it into your busy schedules, swing by the new Bryant Park Whole Foods and pay your friendly, local produce butcher a visit.

Some of you may be like, "Olive you, Produce Butcher. Lettuce turnip for the Produce Butcher!" Personally, we don't carrot all.

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy TimeOut NY]